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Dec 27, 2018
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The night time often allows the evil to come out and play with comfort. Villains sometimes see anarchy, seek means of relief when troubled with whatever issues that may be plaguing them. The villains can easily indulge in their violent desires during the day, however that draws a lot of attention. The professional heroes can and will arrive with the intent to crash the party. They will also do it during the night as well, but at least they are slow at it. Heroes are human too with day jobs, and you understand that. Time to take advantage.

Free-Roam Rubric
→ Only Characters that are recognized as Villains may participate in this thread.
→ This Free-Roam is considered a Common Streets Thread, meaning you are promised the rewards discussed below for proper participation.

→ Proper Participation for this thread refers to Characters that conducted a mock battle with an professional hero that is low ranking. This must be done within 1 Post and be at least 500 Words. Role-Players cannot post more than once per weekly participation.

→ You are free to do whatever you please, however remember your actions have consequences whether they are deemed positive or negative.
→ Cannot Power-Play, Meta-Game, or God-Mod Any Named NPC. When the Thread Opens, there are no NPCs present.​

→ Gains 1 Battle Card of Choice.
→ This reward is repeatable, but requires multiple weekly participation.​

Time of Day + Weather Condition
→ Midnight , Full Moon [Clear Skies]​


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Feb 3, 2009
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The night sky was clear, but I still couldn’t see the stars because of the city’s lights. This made my task of carrying the dead bodies of the workers I’d had renovate The Silver Fang especially grueling. With nothing to look up at after exiting the secret passage the had built to the Aquatic Park Tombstones, I was feeling especially sluggish. It had taken me four trips through the tunnel to finally get all six bodies and some gasoline to the hidden exit of the tunnel.

I had planned to load to bodies up on a boat near the exit and send the bodies out to the open ocean, but lugging them around was much more difficult than killing them. To think I’d go through so much trouble to get rid of a few bodies, I thought to myself, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t want any unnecessary poking around by the police and heroes, I would have just dumped them right outside of The Silver Fang.

After sealing the exit I began dragging the bodies across the street and loading into a small motorboat at the end of the pier. I took them two at a time as I did earlier, and everything was going smoothly. That was, until, the moment when I lowered the first of the last two bodies into the boat.

“What are you doing?” Came a female voice from behind me.

I was surprised, to say the least. Not only did this person approach me from behind, but neither my sense of hearing nor smell was able to detect her. The only scent she gave off was that of the sea. The gears in my head immediately started turning. Given the crashing sound of the waves against the shore and the scent she gave off, that could only mean that she came from the water, or else it would have been impossible for her to get past my senses.

“What do you mean?” I asked without turning to face her. She there she wouldn’t be able to see my face with my back turned to her, but I wasn’t sure how long she had been watching me. She had to die. I slowly reached my fee left hand to grip the body on my shoulder, and I moved my right hand to my belt buckle.

“You’re out here in the middle of the night, lugging around what looks suspiciously similar to human bodies,” she said flatly. “Do you mind if I take a loo-”

Before she could finish her sentence I flung the dead body towards her and pressed down on my belt buckle as I spun to face her. Gleipnir, my costume, sprung from the buckle and enveloped my body. The nanotube composite material it was made from expanded to accommodate the size of my body as I transformed into my bipedal form.

The body I had thrown towards her seemed to have hit a barrier of some kind, and as it fell onto the pier I realized that a stream of water had flowed from the ocean beneath us to form a shield in front of the woman. I recognized her instantly. It was the pro hero who went by the name of Tidal.

For fanden!,” I exclaimed under my breath. As her name suggested, Tidal was a pro hero who had the ability to manipulate water she had come into contact with, and I had seen her a number of times while working for the Chronicle. There was no doubt that, given our location, that I was at a disadvantage. Even though she was a low ranked hero, she would be a pain if I couldn’t move our fight somewhere else.

For now, my main objective was to get past her, which was more difficult than it sounded given that we were on an incredibly narrow pier.

She smirked at me and lowered her stance, “have it your way then.” She smiled and thrust her hands forward, causing the shield in front of her to burst out towards me in the form or tendrils. I rushed towards her as she fired, dodging the tendrils with my superior agility before the could strike me. The last tendril flew through the air towards my head, and I ducked to dodge it. From my lowered position I pushed off the ground and towards Tidal with my claws ready to tear into her.

Given how close we were that single leap allowed me to close the distance between us, and it was all she could do to form a barricade to protect herself. Instead of slicing at it I clenched my fist and slammed it into the barricade, and while my power didn’t shatter it, I managed to send her flying back off the pier. Instead of stopping my attack, I kept attacking the barrier with punches, sending her further and further backward. My rush had pushed her back until we had gotten to the street, but she was still close to the water.

“ENOUGH!” She yelled. Tidal threw her arms out, causing the barrier to explode away from her.

I raised crossed my arms over my face and chest, and brought my knees up, curling my body into its most defensive form I could manage in such a short time. The force of the exploding water barrier threw me back several meters and I slide to a stop down the middle of the street.

I rose to my feet and stared her down. Thankfully I hadn’t taken much damage due to my reaction, and I could tell she was flustered that her desperate attempt at repelling me didn’t do as much harm as she hoped. She went to her belt and pulled out a number of small vials that contained water. She emptied them out, creating a number of small orbs that she could control. I’d gotten her from the water, but I should have guessed that she’d be prepared for that.

Judging by the amount of water she now controlled I could tell that my onslaught had had some effect on her. Now was the time. I ran towards her once more, this time in an arc, and in response she elongated the orbs, forming them into whips that she used to attack me. I dug my claws into the ground as a ran, tearing through the ground in order to gather pieces of asphalt in my right hand.

I changed directions and made a b-line towards Tidal, and as I rushed straight for her she fired a projectile of water towards me. It slammed into my left shoulder, but instead of reeling, I spun my body in the left and used the momentum of her attack to increase my own rotational force, and threw the pieces of asphalt I had gathered. They scattered out and move towards her with incredible speed, forcing her to defend, and as they closed in, I jumped upward in order to attack her from above with my claws.

Tidal gathered the tendrils of water around herself and spun, creating a shield of sorts around her entire body that allowed her to soften the impact of projectiles, and as I struck at her from above she ceased her spin and sent the tendrils upwards to entangle me, stopping my claws just inches from her face.

“Looks like this is it for you,” she sneered. “Why don’t we see what’s under that mask?”

I chuckled slightly as she stepped past my bound claws and came closer. “Unfortunately, it’ll be the last thing you ever see.” As I said this I transformed once more, this time quadruped form. My costume once again naturally to expanded to fit my new size. Naturally, her water bindings could no longer hold my new form, and I effortlessly burst free.

“This,” I said as I looked down upon her, “Is where your eyes meet mine.”

My form intimidated her no doubt, but I couldn’t stay in this form for too long because of the amount of attention I drew, so I'd have to deal with this quickly.

“What the fu-” I cut her off before she could finish by smacking her with my tail, which sent her flying into a nearby wall. With the speed this form granted to me, she had no time to dodge, which meant I could wrap this up quickly. As she lay stunned, I quickly moved over to her slit her throat with my claws. She clutched at her neck as she bled out, and I watched as she drew her last breath.

I returned to my original form and dragged Tidal’s body to the boat and loaded it with the rest, poured the gasoline onto them, and set it ablaze. As it burned I started the motor and sent the boat into the open ocean.

With that slight hinderance handled I cautiously returned to the hidden tunnel, making sure to check that I wasn’t being followed and erasing any tracks that could lead to me.

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