Boruto Chapter 53 (My take on the chapter)


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Sep 18, 2011
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For some time I have had mixed feelings of Kishimoto-sensei returning to the spotlight for story-writing. This is usually because of first how he had been writing the female characters and also the infamous handling of madara being suckered and killed off into being kaguya. I had hoped that he won't repeat these things when he took the wheel for story writing for boruto. Let's address the elephants in the room first.

Isshiki Ootsutsuki's defeat
First with regards to Isshiki's defeat. In my opinion, it is lacklustre and a cheap way to defeat a supposed final boss. This guy had been hyped for ages right from the time Kara was introduced. We have seen how much hype he had in being a badass villain and how he was able to walk the talk. This was seen in the way in his weakened state as Jigen, he beat both Sasuke and Naruto as if it was a walk in the park. This was even seen when his true ootsutsuki form came out and he manhandled Kashin Koji, and then Naruto and Sasuke all over again. However, seeing him lose in the last minutes to a shadow clone that Kawaki created is cheap. Sure, people will argue that he was overconfident that he has won and that if he was paying attention, he would have noticed that it was a shadow clone. I can't argue with that, because it was evident in that chapter. However, making him lose to shadow clone is no different than madara getting suckered by black zetsu. The problem was that they focused too much on isshiki's being a badass, that they didn't make an agreeable or better way of finishing him. If a shadow clone was the best way to trick him into failing to plant the karma seal on Kawaki, then a better strategy could have been used to deal with him which might not have involved Naruto and Sasuke fighting him all over again and losing and boruto coming into the fight in the first place to play tough guy/cowboy.

Sasuke's Rinnengan "destroyed"
This is second area that I have an issue with and I am disappointed that kishimoto has done that to sasuke. Honestly, the jokes that have come out this are corny, dry and not the type of joke you want to say in a friend's wedding or birthday party. Now, with Sasuke's rinnengan being destroyed, the question now is how are the three of them (Sasuke, Naruto and Kawaki) going to stop borushiki (Boruto possessed by momoshiki) or escape. Most of sasuke's abilities are from his rinnengan so now he is practically out of commission and the sharingan will not do much help (so those who want to argue the sharingan can do this or that, please stop, there isn't much the sharingan will do against him), Naruto is yet to suffer the consequences of the Baryon mode he activate and even though he may have not used it to the end, we can be sure that there might be some repercussions all the same which will severely weakened him against borushiki. Kawaki's karma is not more for now, and he is now a novice in ninjutsu and other ninja skills. That will not be a threat to momoshiki. This is the what I am complaining about. Kishimoto-sensei has put all three in a very useless situation and he would probably create another asspull fairy tail plot convenience to get them of the situation, with th infamous one being the talk no jutsu. Some people argue that Sasuke had to have his eye attacked so that it will raise the stakes of the story. This is where I find it hilarious. If baryon mode couldn't 100% deal with isshiki and sasuke couldn't do anything effective against isshiki let alone momoshiki. How are the young ones going to pull something against a possessed boruto. Also, in sasuke's case, there could have been a better way of taking him down without having to involve him "losing" his eye. Kishimoto could have had momoshiki give a hard direct kick to sasuke's guts to maybe crack some ribs and knock him unconscious for the time being. The guy only gave information on isshiki's techniques but couldn't do a single damage. I was hoping for him to get a buff as well, even if it wouldn't do much to help him, it would have been ok. Honestly, with the way he has been treated a meme with the out of chakra joke and the now this, I am afraid he might end up in the same position as konohamaru (just saying). Anyways, for those making fun of sasuke's dilemma, I suggest you start worry about Naruto and the effect of his new ability. For all you know, he could die or have some form of chakra cancer disease like what was in the Kakashi and Sasuke Retsuden.