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Apr 6, 2009
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Lord of Kaos is currently responsible for administering and moderating the Sage Missions. So when you fit the requirements to become an official NB Sage, contact him in PM with "Sage Mission Request" as the title. There is however no guarantee he will accept or even respond to it as there is no set standard procedure for administrating nor participating in Sage Missions. By their very nature these are supposed to be unique and extremely varied. So it's possible he gives you an individual SM, a SM with one or more other members or that he doesn't say anything at all as he is potentially already providing the chance of becoming a Sage at that particular moment one way or another. It's up to you to see if you can figure these things out.​
↪ If you are still doing or finished a SM given by Scorps, contact Lord of Kaos to sort things out.​

↪ Requires the minimum rank of Jōnin.​
↪ Understanding of the mechanics of the RP.​
↪ Requires a Kumi Purchase of 25,000 (Can be done instead of the Sage Mission route)​


↪ Sages can create their own Custom Clan Here.​
↪ Sages get 10 extra CJ slots, meaning their standard amount of CJ slots go from 35 to 45.​
↪ Sages are allowed to submit up to 4 CJ instead of the regular 3 per cycle.​
↪ Sages can use their potential 5th CE. Normally your name can only appear max on 5 different CE (whether it be as a student, creator or co-creator), but only 4 are allowed to be effectively used, meaning you have one 'dead' CE. As a Sage you are allowed to use that one from now on.​
↪ Sages that are not sensei can teach their approved CE to one student without having to be a sensei. They still need to be a sensei to teach it to a 2nd student.​
↪ Sages are allowed to submit a third CFS.​
↪ Sages that have not yet learned Kaito's Taijutsu before they became an official Sage, are allowed to learn basic KT. The ones who already have it at that point, are allowed to learn advanced KT.​
↪ Sages can choose their own personal, customized Sage Title. These however first have to be approved after the test is passed by the RP Admin to see they do not conflict with already existing titles. Sage Titles are not just some hollow words, they represent the core RP identity of the one who is wielding the title. As a result each title has to be approved to see it doesn't conflict with an already existing title. For example the "Sage of Fire" is the same as the "Sage of Katon", the "Sage of the Forbidden Arts" is the same as the "Sage of Kinjutsu". Sage Titles are also a legitimate way of stating your rank in your bio. Sages are also allowed one Sage Title change.​


August 26th, 2009:​
  • RokuNR - the Sage of Music
September 24th, 2009:​
  • Xylon - the Sage of Yin & Yang
  • Kagutsuchi - the Sage of Fire
January 7th, 2010:​
  • Akiza - the Sage of Sharingan
March 3rd, 2010:​
  • Goro Kaguya - the Sage of the Forbidden Arts
May 4th, 2010:​
  • Nero - the Sage of One Move Pwn
May 6th, 2010:​
  • ~Hasashi~ - the Sage of Kick Ass
May 24th, 2010:​
  • BishamonSama - the Sage of Earth
June 4th, 2010:​
  • Emperor - the Sage of Plants, Penguins and other Weird Stuff
September 30th, 2010:​
  • Izuna Uchiha - the Sage of Water
August 22nd, 2011:​
  • Mugiwara - the Sage of Diamond Bones
August 23rd, 2011:​
  • Nirvāṇa - the Sage of the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Jokey - the Sage of Elemental Combinations
  • Axle - the Sage of the Sealing Arts
  • Scary Yamato - the Sage of Wood
August 7th, 2012:​
  • House - the Sage of Byakugan and Gentle Fist
August 21st, 2012:​
  • Caliburn - the Sage of the Abyssal Sword
September 6th, 2012:​
  • Vincent - the Sage of the Medical Arts
October 8th, 2012:​
  • Mathias - the Sage of Archery
December 8th, 2012:​
  • Gobi Gobletsson - the Sage of Strength & Endurance
February 25th, 2013:​
  • Scorps - the Sage of Illusionary Touch
June 11th, 2013:​
  • Lili-Chwan - the Sage of Deceit
January 15, 2014:​
  • Vision - the Sage of Misdirection
September 25, 2014:​
  • Reborn - the Sage of Yin
August 6th, 2015:​
  • Korra. - the Sage of Snakes
August 10th, 2015:​
June 2nd, 2016:​
  • Erzo - the Sage of the Divine
  • The Pervy Sage - the Pervy Sage, Sage of Senjutsu
  • Priest - the Holy Sage of Purity
  • Venom - the Sage of Lightning and *** Appeal
  • Zero Kelvin - the Sage of Yang
  • Edward - the Sage of Peace and Serenity
August 22nd, 2016:​
  • Negative Knight - the Sage of Armament
February 15th, 2019:​
  • Joestar - the Sage of Thunder
March 18th, 2019:​
  • BusinessManTeno - the Sage of Rebellion

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