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Evelyn Arwen gazed down into her cup of coffee and tried to disregard the sounds from the next room. The thumps and groans penetrated through the concrete wall and filled the small room where Evelyn kept her belongings. The building that the Los Angeles Police Department used as an operational base after a suspicious fire at their station was an old slaughterhouse that had been closed since before the arson. Fittingly, the interrogation room next door had been the slaughterhouse's killing floor.


She looked up and saw Anthony Connelly standing in the doorway leading into the interrogation room. Tony had a serious look on his face and a cigarette between his index and middle fingers was dangerously close to burning both fingers as it burned down to the butt.

"I think he's ready to talk. Come on in."

Evelyn took a deep breath and polished off her lukewarm coffee. She flipped a switch on her desk that turned on the microphones in the next room. The lieutenant, captain, and who the hell ever was involved in this interrogation wanted to hear whatever came next. Evelyn took another deep breath and sighed. She had to prepare herself for what awaited her inside. She had been working with the LAPD with permission from her school to work on tough cases that required Hero presences. She spent her free time reading and writing about the world. She read and wrote reports on everything from the production of methamphetamine in Silicon Valley to the criminal structure of the organized crime syndicates in San Francisco. There was a sense of detachment to her work. It was more academic than applicable. Tony had no such luxury. He did the legwork for LAPD’s Interrogation Department and saw the brutal truths of the job firsthand. Tony had no problem keeping his composure in the interrogation room, but Evelyn wasn't sure of herself.

They went inside the long, dim room with a single naked lightbulb serving as the sole source of light. LAPD's Captain, Erik Crystal and two of his trusted aides stood close to a metal chair bolted to the concrete floor. A bloody and beaten man sat on the chair strapped with down with leather belts. A metal tub of water sat next to the chair. Evelyn noticed drops of blood on the floor leading towards the tub. She also noticed the beaten man's wet head and the black gloves Crystal wore. They were weighted with lead in the knuckles and palms. Sap gloves, they were called, and they were used to issue beatings.

"Reg," Tony said to the beaten man, slapping him gently to wake him up.

"Reg, my man. You need to wake up and talk."

Regiland Leonard, the bloody mess in front of Evelyn, broke out into a fit of coughing. A broken molar came out of his mouth and clattered to the floor. Leonard looked up at Evelyn with swollen eyes that seemed to look through her more than they looked at her.

"We need to know about the group behind the recent criminal activities in Hollywood and the arson, Reg. They're planning something. We need to know what they're planning, who they are, and how to find them."

Leonard started to say something but stopped when he saw Crystal approaching with his sap gloves. The beaten man flinched and hurriedly looked down at the floor. Blood dripped from his open mouth and spilled onto the floor in drips and drops.

"I was hired to set the fire," Leonard said. "I came here to distract and destroy the Hollywood Police Station on the boulevard here.”

"Hired? And to distract?" Tony asked.

"I was supposed to allow the group a chance to breathe and continue their activities without the eyes of the LAPD watching them. I only had to set the gadget that set the fire.."

"How long ago was this planned?" Evelyn asked.

"A month or so. I... I'm not sure, but it wasn’t supposed to be a cakewalk, but I was assured that the gadget would make it easy.."

Evelyn and Crystal exchanged looks. Evelyn had never heard of an outside individual being embraced by a criminal group to carry out their agenda. So, why would they embrace a man that wasn’t devoted to their cause? Leonard took no part in their message that was tainted to their crime scenes but he was given intel and highly technologically advanced gadget that set one of LAPD’s police stations on fire.

"Can I have a cigarette? Leonard asked.

"Soon as you answer my question," Evelyn said. "Who gave you the orders? Give me some names, please."

"I just know her by her first name," he said with a shrug. "And she is the only one I've met so far, she went by the name of Mercury.”

"What does she look like?" Tony asked as he started to pull a cigarette out for Leonard.

Leonard shrugged in his chair. He regretted the decision immediately and winced in pain at some injury. "Mercury was just a bizarre gal."

Tony put a cigarette in Leonard's mouth and lit it up for him.

"Bizarre how?" Tony asked while Leonard inhaled the cigarette smoke.

"Mercury said she was a woman," Leonard said, expelling smoke from his mouth as he spoke. "However, everything about her contrasted what a woman looks like. Broad shoulders, prickly stubble hair on her face, no breasts... you know?"

“So a guy.” said Tony.

Evelyn made a mental note. Mercury, a feminine male that stood out. The dimly lit room stood quiet for a moment as if everything in the room had ceased to exist. A cough from the battered, wounded and abused man re-ignited Evelyn's attention to him. She glanced at the man and recalled the vitality in him just a couple days prior. For a slight moment in that arson, she had stood frightened; one of the police officers was sprawled on the earth defeated. But then she had recognized the havoc she had advanced through beside her mother and that was nothing rivaling this. She had observed numerous people perish, some enemies but many companions. Hell, she had killed her own mother out of spite. And in the resolution of the battle, it was she who had come out as the victor.

Tony put his hand on Evelyn's shoulder shaking her back into the present. Tony saw the look Evelyn gave him and acknowledged the apologetic expression on her eyes. He was proud of her, but his facial appearance didn't falter from the cold, hardened aspect he put on in the interrogation room.

"Where did you meet him last?" demanded Tony as he strode ahead to Leonard, stomping his heel onto the ground.

Leonard was startled a bit but it did little to startle the man, especially after the grueling hours of physical and mental trauma he had been put through.

"Franklin Avenue was where I last made my communication with them, and there I was equipped with the materials to set off the device," said Leonard inhaling the last bit of his cigarette as it transposed into ash.

Franklin Avenue was the perfect getaway for criminals, and Evelyn wasn't astounded to discover that Leonard and the Criminal Group acted out of there as well. She condemned the captain of the Hollywood Boulevard Police station. For far too long, Crystal granted the area to the horrors of the rampant small-time criminals. And now, an advanced, yet sickening group was directly on their nose, preying and charging. It was tough to see, and Evelyn wished she could alter the outlook on Hollywood Boulevard. She glanced at Crystal with contempt.

"Now onto how you got enlisted by Mercury. Come now, out with it," asked Crystal hastily trying to deviate from Evelyn's glare.

“I was offered 1 Million dollars to destroy the pitiful police station on this block of town!" Leonard spoke gallantly as if those words had any power to them now.

"1 Million dollars from whom? The group? It’s leader? Mercury?" Evelyn asked.

"By Mercury."

"That may be the case or he is forgetting something, right?" asked Tony menacingly getting the sap gloves ready for another thrashing. Leonard winced at the thought of another minute of torture, he had already cracked open and revealed everything.

"Mercury said he guaranteed the money because he was financially sound. He had tons of money from being an Underworld broker" gasped out Leonard.

Both Evelyn and Tony were unsure of the authenticity of the statement. It was either a plea for them to stop the beating or a fabrication.

"Wait, Tony. Let me try my hand on him. He's done anyways." suggested Evelyn her voice crackling with fury. She was enraged. She wanted to let out her rage from the days prior onto Leonard but was stopped. This man had killed nearly every single man and woman in the station. It was purely unjust. It made her quail, as those actions went against her very belief in life.

Evelyn looked down at the knife she now clutched in her hand, and then backed up and looked at Leonard. She threw the knife embedding the blade deep in his genitalia, and then the wall behind him. His screams were sweet, sweet music, a grass flute over a background of a former slaughterhouse, her vision flashed, and she was back in her childhood, killing a young man who had gone just one little step too far. She didn’t backtrack from the memory but encompassed it.

“This is for what I didn't get to do last time.” She hissed, her voice somehow even more inhuman, where before it had been laced with fury, now all Leonard could hear was cold, calculating disdain and disgust, “I’ll get to your friends aft-”. She was distracted as Leonard started kicking her on her legs, it didn’t hurt all that much, but now she was even angrier, and tightened her grip on his neck. “You see, if there’s one thing in this world I detest the greatest, it’s scum like yourself. You make me sick.”

The man in her grasp blanched, evidently trying to say something. She was of half a mind to let him say it too, just to have another reason to make him suffer.

Another second in, her left arm shot out, grasping onto his right foot that was about to kick her, “You don't know the number of people you burned!” She squeezed down, crushing his foot into splinters of bone and marrow. Evelyn moved higher up on his leg, relishing his howls and moans, “Most of those people there were unarmed civilians!” She crushed his shin, smothering his mouth with the palm of her hand while gripping his neck with her fingers. By holding him by the neck, Evelyn kept him from making too much noise, pleasant as it was, it was distracting for the other police officers. “You relished watching the screams, huh?”. She tore off his patella tendon via digging her nails into his knee, waving it tauntingly in front of his now tear-streaked face. She crushed his thigh, flinging the pulverized patella tendon against the wall, “You should’ve just died at birth!”

His screams were like music to her ears as she brought him closer, pulling the knife from the wall with the same hand she had used to disable his leg. She held it up to him as she hummed a bastardized version of the USA anthem. “P… please!” He begged, eyes showing a now broken man. She was disappointed.

Leonard was just pathetic.

Planting a light kiss on his cheek and tracing it down to his mouth, she slid a cold, bloody knife in as she followed up with a very slow, very deliberate cut along the same route with the knife, eventually cutting through completely and leaving the entire lower right side of his mouth exposed as the severed flesh flopped down. Licking the blood off the edge of the knife she smirked at him, planting another kiss on the other cheek that left a bloody imprint of her lips before doing the exact same as before and ripping out his teeth.

He blubbered nonsensical things, and she promptly cut his tongue out, tossing it off to the side as she examined the blade. “Very fine knife I chose to torture you with, by the way, seems to be some very durable steel. Should hold an edge well.” She grinned, “Which is good because we’ll need it.” She looked him dead in the eyes, seeing the abject terror in them and licking her own lips in anticipation.

Evelyn pressed it down on his breastbone, slowly drawing the knife down the length of his torso until she reached his pelvis, where she turned it sideways and continued to cut, rotating him until she’d made one full circle. Leonard had been reduced to incoherent babbling that she ignored, focusing only on her task. Moving up, Evelyn did the same at the point she had begun the incision. Pausing for a moment, she admired her work, cooing to the man, “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be over eventually.” Leonard didn’t respond, but he was still awake, barely. Grasping part of the flesh she had cut, she dug her fingers in, slowly peeling away his skin until she had a large, bloody piece of it in her hand, leaving the fat and muscle underneath exposed.

Before Evelyn could continue, the sound of approaching footsteps met her ears, and she punched through his broken ribcage and pulverized his former beating heart, raising the nearly lifeless thing that had been a man and smashing him onto the floor, then the wall, then the other wall, and finally hurling the pulped remains into the ceiling before turning to face the door.

The people that stood at the door seemed suddenly so out of place, like a piece of a different reality that had been tossed there by a violent storm. The woman’s eyes were wide but her mouth was drawn to a very tight line. A piece of flesh fell from the ceiling to her bare feet with a sickening wet sound.

It was the Police Officers that stood with her in the room just several minutes ago and two other individuals she couldn’t quite see. Evelyn didn't realize it but everyone had vacated the room and left her to her prey. All of her emotions had just expanded out in devastation of Leonard. She looked and saw the fear in Crystal's optics but admiration in Tony's pupils. She didn't know what to make of their glances but to her, she felt that what she did was justice.
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The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the
Inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men
Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will
Shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness
For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious
Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
And you will know
My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee

The thumping of piano and percussion thundered and rumbled the room to life. Theirs an origins of the stereo system violently reverberating against the glass stand it stood upon. Artfully drumming up the anarchic ambiance, as the impassioned fear gripped classical composer's voice poured through its pulsating speakers. An eerie quake of the falsetto that rose with equal part sorrow and excitement. Amidst the melancholic resonance of impassioned anguish around the room's brown oak desk, was Anakin Skywalker. Hunched over the swiveling chair that danced back and forth, creaking to the beat of the composition. Vines that passed for fingers were locked in place on the branch-like arms positioned underneath his bare chin. A scattering assortment of papers occupied his workstation. The rivers of newspaper clippings, mountains of crumpled foolscap and a plateau of graphing paper. All scribbled and embossed with his italicized handwriting. The floor's proximity boasted scattered boxes of pizza and the occasional emptied can of iced coffee. The distance whiff of mold escaped the hardened cheese and grease stuck to the boxes.

Our lovable auburn haired rogue stared at one particular piece of green sheet on his table. The attack on Horizon University had been carried out at night. With an execution so precise that it bordered perfection, if he dared say so. Of the various zones that had been occupied, not one had failed to register a loss. At least if the rumors going around the school were to be believed. If so how had the villains know when and how to move. The school had prided itself on its security measures. Thus, its blueprints were not public knowledge. If so how had the opponents coordinated their movements. Anakin raised both his thumbs and pressed into his eyes. The hypothesis of his deduction was amateurish but his psyche screamed out to him traitor!!

To such an extent his stomach had physically grumbled. Who'd have known thinking roused up his appetite to such an extent. Still, Anakin dared not entertain his hunger, rather he shifted his focus to next point jotted on the sheet. As such he let go of his eyelids and further intertwined his twig like fingers as he tapped them on his lips. Each thump increasing in speed and sending a tingle across the stitched scar on the right side of his head. A Heroes duty was to preserve peace. To thwart and stifle the insurrection of villains. Two sides of the same coin that had an inverted approach to quirk usage. If so a Heroes responsibility didn't lie in rehabilitation. It followed that the ownership of such duty, belonged to the Justice System. The men and women who sifted through the after every Hero escapades to judge and sentence their victims.

Suddenly and much to his chagrin, the alarm across the table rung out. A disruption that he culled via one swift stretch of his arm, a tornado papers fluttering as he hurled the device across the room. Reveling in its rupture as it hit the wall and dismantled into smithereens to the ground. Eyes locked on the broken device he resumed his train of thought. Actions had Reactions. And everyone was culpable to the consequences of their choices. Anakin rose and walked over to the clock. If villains had decided to turn the tides and preemptively nip the bud of Heroes' future, it was pointless to stay cooped up and crying. Fighting battle droids, mundane training sessions against fellow students. None of these compared to the violence of actual battle. By now the trainee Hero towered over the clock, his eyes burning through the machinations that struggled to no avail to move. Such was the state of Horizon University. However, not himself, he'd decided to no longer hide and wait. Instead he'd venture out to the abyss and cut down its acolytes, never stopping until he danced with its monster. The vigor behind his intentions saw Skywalker arch his hand into a claw-like pose and slowly squeeze them to a close. Equally the clock creaked and crushed to his gesture until small balls of destruction were all that remained. "
If there's an underbelly in this city, I will find it, and when I do There will be a reckoning..." Turning away from his mess Anakin grabbed his cloak and headed for the door.


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Jeremiah sat inside the police interrogation room, drinking his cup of water nervously. As much as he did not want to be in the heart of the enemy territory, he definitely needed to keep up appearances. He looked at himself in the reflection of the one-way mirror, wondering who exactly might be on the other side. He was smart enough to not bring his trap phone with him or anything that could incriminate him. He decided to breathe and stay calm to focus on the only goal that mattered, surviving. Just then, the door slammed open and a man walked in with a folder in hand, before pulling the chair on the other side of the table back and sitting down.

"Good Afternoon Mr. Detective..." He said calmly and politely, creating a warm atmosphere for the interrogation.

"Please, call me Howard, Detective Howard. You are...Jeremiah? Jeremiah What?" The Detective said as he glanced at the folder before staring dead in the eyes of the prince.

"Eerinle!" He said as he met the detective with an equally intensive stare. It was clear at that moment that everything had turned out for the worst and he now had to follow the detective's lead. He no longer had control of the situation.

"Eerinle? Like Irene Eerinle?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Jeremiah's eye contact got even more intense as his glare became a bit more menacing during the mention of Irene Eerinle. "Let's stop playing this game of cat and mouse and get to the point..." Cutting off the warmth in his voice.

"You are no fun..." He said as he chuckled a bit before throwing down a picture, it sliding just in front of Jeremiah. Jeremiah's eyes immediately widened as he saw the face in that picture. "Do you know the man in that picture?" The detective asked.

Seeing that face again, almost triggered an absence seizure within Jeremiah but he fought through it, understanding completely where he was and that he was now fighting a losing battle, he had to regain some sort of foothold, he was being blindsided and was losing. "Yes I do know who that is...my mother served as a Professional Hero under him, he took the alias Pale Horseman. His real name was...Michael Olokun!" He said, exposing the true identity of his grandfather.

"Indeed, I assume you heard about the Bank Robbery here in Hollywood Boulevard and the Quarantine from all those in the blast radius?"

"Indeed...what does that have to do with...Michael..." He said, having to slow down when speaking because he was about to say Grandfather instead of Michael, which would have lead to a whole bunch of issues.

"The cause of the sickness is radiation. This same radiation found there is almost identical to that of the same sources we found 15 years ago..." The detective said as he looked directly at Jeremiah.

Jeremiah broke eye contact, his gaze shifting to the ground. He realized everything that was happening. He more than likely was being observed by whoever was on the other side of the glass, everything about him, from his microexpressions on his face to the beat of his heart. Freaking out would definitely only makes matter worse, especially when he is on the defense. He decided to play hardball and make a perfect defense. He had lost 20 yards but he would not lose anymore. He quickly straightened up his posture, refocused eye contact and had an attitude of confidence about him, not allowing him to be broken.

"It's clear he is just baiting me...I don't think he has anything solid on me, or else he wouldn't be beating around a circle." He thought to himself. "All I have to do is just pin everything on grandfather but act inconspicuous while doing so and I will be good. Their ability to dig for information is incredible though, I need to be more delicate with how I handle things going forward. Right now, he is giving me a lot of information not known to the public to see my reaction and get me to say something that only a person involved would know."

"That's horrible, I had no idea that that happened. I'm not sure what this has to do with me or my mom? I have personally never met this man in my life, and anything with my mom...you would need to speak to her..." Jeremiah said.

"That's the thing, we can't get into contact with her. Everything we try is a dead end. After Michael went rogue, your mother quit being a pro-hero not too long after that. We just have to ensure that they aren't working together..." Detective Howard said.

"Detective Howard...this has nothing to do with me. If you want to get into contact with my mother, go to Dawn University."

"Dawn is in another state, our jurisdiction is only in the state. Anything national goes to the FBI, plus, the CDC still has many independent variables so moving forward with the case is hard."

Jeremiah let out a deep breath, it was relieving to know that essentially the detectives had nothing and that he was in the clear, for now at least. But he still wasn't sure if anyone was behind the mirror, watching from another room. Perhaps he was paranoid and overthinking, no one may be watching.

"Well...sorry to kind of end this. If I'm not being arrested I need to go. They are having a mandatory meeting at Horizon this morning about the terrorist attack we just witnessed..."

"Right..right...I'll escorts you to Bodega Bay, thank you for your time...We just need to step into one other"

Packing their things up, Jeremiah had a slight pause as he looked at the huge mirror. At first, he was looking at his reflection, but he wholeheartedly wanted to see if there was any way he was being watched on the other side. They both left the interrogation room, as he went into another room with a massive gasp let out. Apparently another student from Horizon had murdered an interrogee? He had witnessed it and there was clearly some hell to pay.
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Both the characters Jeremiah and Evelyn has been put into situations that far exceed actual reality. The LAPD will not be contacting Horizon University seeking assistance from a firs year student, therefore you not only power-play the school and state but you role-played your character beyond her ordinary means. Therefore, your entire post is voided because that was the premise of the post. As for Jeremiah, you are power-playing the police task by dictating their suspicion of you. There is no reason to interrogate you more than the next person because of your actions to hide your identity, therefore I am not going to allow you to influence a governing body for self-interest. Since your post was on the premise of this interrogation, and it is being voided, your entire post is voided. As for the character Jirou? All he did was self-reflection and reveal thoughts about his ordeal in the Sun Shall Fall, so he is okay. He has done nothing significant to reward him of anything.

The Entire Thread has been Voided.

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