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Oct 26, 2011
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Manhattan, New York 2017

The city that never sleeps was home to a multitude of different cultures, interest, and overall energy. No other school in that city showcased that other than Twilight Academy, a primary grade school in New York. Twilight Academy was a private school however and considered one of the most prestigious high schools. There were only two ways to get in, either through merit-based invitation or paying the high private school tuition. Jeremiah, despite him being extremely powerful, only was able to get in through his mother paying half of the tuition. The other half came through grants, scholarships and he was able to get a tuition reduction because of his disability (brain cancer).

"Alright, class! Welcome to Homeroom, although this class will be mostly here for the morning before heading to your main classes, we just take attendance and dismiss. However, we will be taking time for us to focus on college applications! Throw out the name of colleges you want to apply to!"

"I want to go to Horizon University! My favorite professional heroine went there! She is a feminist icon!" One student said, starting to blush.

"I heard Horizon has freaky girls, but Dusk University parties be off the chain!" Another student responded back

"Yeah if you want Gonorrhea!" Another student said aloud before the entire class burst into laughter.

"Excuse me! Watch your language. Don't pick a college because of their parties, look at their programs and see if its good for you!"

"I want to go to Dawn University, my grandfather went to Dawn and so did my mother, my mother is currently applying to be a professor," Jeremiah said, with a gleam in his eyes, he was excited to talk about his dreams.

The class went silent for a second before a huge burst of laughter shook the room.

"As if! They aren't letting tumor birds get into Dawn!" One of the students screamed out before dying of laughter again.

Jeremiah felt like someone had physically stabbed him in the heart. The people laughing, their voices were ringing in his head and leveling the walls of confidence he may have had. He looked over to his teacher and saw she was holding back his laughter, which hurt him even more. He decided to quickly recover from this embarrassing moment with a quick comeback.

"Hahaha, I was just joking, hahaha!" He said as he began laughing with the class, but in reality, it was all tears.

Two students were not laughing. One was someone who later in the school year he would become friends with named Anakin, a young man with black hair styled in a pompadour, and dark eyes. The second was a girl named Evelyn, a young woman with bright crimson hair. They looked on at the display with disgust, because they too were trying to get to Dawn University, the number one school for heroes.

Jeremiah did not have friends in high school, not until later on in the school year. He was, however, known to most of the school kids as the plug. Due to his access to pills, he would often sell pills to the school, his most sold drug was, of course, Adderall, being used to help kids focus on passing exams considering the rigor of the courses. However, at this time, there was a new plug in the school, selling a wider variety of drugs such as meth and cocaine, making it harder for Jeremiah to do business. No one knew who Jeremiah was but everyone knew the new kid, his name was Michael. Michael was in his math class and they were grouped up for one project.

"Hey, my name is Michael, looks like we are working together for the parabola worksheets..." He said introducing himself as he brought the tables together.

"My name is Jeremiah..." Jeremiah replied dryly, he knew that this was the guy putting him out of business and he knew exactly how he was going to handle it.

"You smoke?" He asked him as he got his notebook and materials.

"Nah, you got pills?" Jeremiah asked as he began to reach into his book bag.

"Yeah I do, what you need, the only thing I got in stock are these..." Michael said as he gave Jeremiah the pill bottle. "I'm gonna go get the worksheets..."

As soon as Michael got out of his seat, he quickly opened the pill bottle and switched out Michael's pills for his pills. Sabotage at it's finest. Jeremiah's pills were not meant for non-brain cancer patients. It was a radiopharmaceutical brand, a drug that uses radiation to target tumors in the brain and use radioactive decay to transform it into helpful tissue. Without a brain tumor, it simply decays the brain and gets you higher than the human brain can understand. HOWEVER, Jeremiah took another step and drenched these pills in his special weak force, making them the strongest strand in the world, making it 100 times more potent than normal. Whoever these were sold to, would die immediately.

Not too long after the pills were switched, the police had arrived on the scene, looking for justice. The reason? A student by the name of Saint Lauren had taken the pill and the most gruesome experience took place for him.

He became what was known as a necrotic post-human. Saint Laurent was the decrepit, rotting, zombie-like figure. His skeletal muscles are exposed, giving him their red appearance, his skin deteriorating and his ligaments being exposed as well. Despite all of this, he was still alive and in fact, his quirk was more powerful than ever. He possessed the lightning quirk, and while he was high his quirk was enhanced due to the ionizing energy being emitted from his body, his quirk, however, is uncontrollable and resulted in him killing two people.

The police arrived quickly, trying to apprehend him but to no avail. Not because they were too weak, but because Saint Laurent was dying. His body was decomposing at an alarming rate. Jeremiah, Anakin, and Evelyn all watched on with shock as they watched their peer turn into a pile of flesh before their eyes, the police holding them back.

"Get back! Get Back!" They yelled out.

Jeremiah looked on, seeing Michael gets arrested for being the plug. Jeremiah smirked, his mission complete. He did what needed to be done. This is what allowed him access to the Underworld.

Present Day California 2019

Now looking at his message, smiling as he walked off, Jeremiah's sinister smile crept into a face of pure confusion as he began to read the details. He basically had to produce 5 million dollars worth of narcotics and super enhance them. Trapping out of the sewers was not going to work any longer, he had to get resources and expense this entire project. Creating an army of Post-Humans for this Mercury individual. He sent this project details to Five Finger to help out with perfecting the drug.
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Aug 17, 2011
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The cryptic man silently was in this workshop cleaning off the blood from one of his recent silencings, noticing Lucie walk into the shop. She carried something in hand, placing it on the counter as she bowed to Mr. Five Fingers. “It’s from the one named Organ Donor…” Lucille said in a deadpan tone. The shopkeeper silently took the papers and opened it. He couldn’t help but let out a laugh. “This kid…he should know by now I don’t make these things…but I do have something in mind…

He said as he went into his backroom, approaching a bookcase. He shifted through a few of them as he took down three books. Lucille would grab some a pen and paper. “Tell him while I cant do it myself…but I have a few people who might be able to hook him up. This will make a shit ton of money for me, AHAHAHAHAH!” the man said.

Lucille nodded and began to write a response letter. “Should I include the AHAHAHAHAHA part, boss?” Lucille asked, causing Five Fingers to not include all of that. He wasn’t sure if Lucille was using her common sense but alas, he still loved her regardless. Once it was written, she took the letter and using her quirk she blasted off to deliver it to Jeremiah.

Five Fingers silently crept back into his private quarters. Much work needed to be done, but time for a bit of rest…

"Ahahah, I'm impressed by your design child. This will make us a lot of cash, but I directly cannot help you...right now. I myself dont make these things, you should know this by now. I, however, have a few contacts I can set you up with, give me some time to make some calls...but I promise you, this will a master scheme. Will keep in touch, MFF.


Alright so I'd like to first say that the story was overall pretty cool. I like the mentions and slight world-building you’re doing by including some of these other characters. Not much to say in terms of the overall grading as the above response is from Five Fingers. There however will be some things that will be addressed here. Firstly as of today, Adventures are no longer allowed to have flashbacks that encompass a large portion of the adventure. The reasoning is that these can be utilized as tools to circumvent the current present-day timeline.

So Id advise anyone who is reading this to be wary of this change. Now I will be also voiding any and all mentions of Anakin. You were told why already, but also @Bino has been placed on a one month ban on Adventures, meaning no submission of them nor mentions of his charater. Any name drops of his character (in adventures) being present in the Adventure will only further this punishment, which may also be applied to the person submitting the Adventure. Other than that, have a good day.
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