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Dec 27, 2018
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A Quirk is a unique, superhuman ability. They are mutations on genetics of living beings, however they differ vastly based on the mutation process. Currently, there are three different types of mutations which means there are three different kinds of Quirks. Further research reveals that those different kinds of Quirks each have elaborate mutation processes, which creates even more of a variance in Quirks. The Role-Play also has collected all the Quirk shown in the Manga that can properly translate into the game. Click the following link, to view the [ Quirk List ] Thread.

Emitter Type
Can either release certain substances, alter materials around them in certain ways, or raise their physical capabilities. Most Emitter Type Quirks require a conscious effort to activate, and some requiring large amounts of concentration to maintain. Characters with Emitter Type Quirks usually have great control over what they can emit and its important to note that the emissions can vary drastically. What those abilities are depends on the Sub-Category the Emitter Quirk belongs to.

Touch RequiredRange AbilitiesBoost Heavy
Are abilities that can only be used when physically in contact with the designated target(s). Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.Are abilities that stem from their bodies or spawn within the vicinity without physical touch. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.Are abilities with the sole purpose to supplement the designated target(s) base physique. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.

Transformation Type
Causes the user to take on temporary or permanent physical alteration of some kind. The Transformation-Type Quirks generally affects the user only but there are rare exceptions. These Quirks normally require a conscious effort by the user to not only activate, but to maintain the transformation. Perhaps the most powerful of all Quirk Types, the glaring weakness is that the power bestowed by the transformation is either temporary or have upkeep conditions that are difficult to satisfy.

Passive TransformationActive TransformationNone
A transformation that triggers upon a condition being satisfied, otherwise the form and its abilities will not work. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.A voluntary transformation that can be activated or deactivated by the character's will. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.None

Mutant Type
Can have a wide variety of biological features and abilities, but the common similarity is that these Quirks are a part of the user's physicality. This results in the user exhibiting irregular bodily features that generally have a purpose to them. The mutations that manifest from a Mutant Type Quirk are permanently passive, which means it does not take conscious effort to activate their power. Although there are mutations that require conscious effort to use, such as prehensile appendages for an example.

Basic MutationByproduct MutationManipulative Mutation
The mutation the body undergoes is standard, even if they mimic animal or other-lordly physiology. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.The mutation the body undergoes grants unique separate abilities, usually as a byproduct of the mutation. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.The mutation the body undergoes grants unique separate abilities, that stem from the mutation, similar to Emitters. Possible Inherent Bonus Perks.
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