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Dec 27, 2018
Trait Points
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When you enter the Dawn of Tomorrow RP, one of the first things you'll have to do in regards to character creation is choose which Traits to start with. Traits are special virtues that any character can have, which in turn applies auxiliary characteristics to your bio. Below is the current list of the different type of Traits. Unless stated otherwise, every type of Trait takes up one of your Trait Slots.

Archetype TypesPersona TypesQuirk TypesNovel TypesLeague Types
Showcased through specific PHY distribution, archetypes are builds that determine which attributes are strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right archetype for your character because they serve as the prerequisite to acquiring future traits.Each persona maintains either battle or narrative orientated traits, however more importantly they explain and enforce mental and behavior dispositions. Be mindful that choosing a persona does not force your character to exist in one distinct fashion.Are supernatural abilities stemming from rare genetic mutations of your character's DNA. Purchasing this trait solidifies that your character is born with these genetic mutations, which is mandatory. There are multiple traits dedicated to this category.Are narrative driven abilities, conditions, or labels that enhance your character's standing in the grand plotline. Whether it be political, social, economical, or extraordinary these traits can grant your character outlandish abilitiesAre narrative driven associations, affiliations, or allegiances that help not only shape the view of your character but how the world perceives your character. Whether it be political, social, or economical these traits assist the story.

How to Earn Trait Points? How to Spend Trait Points?
Traits can be obtained with a currency known as Trait Points. Stated in the Character Sheet, your character will start with 10 Trait Points. Most people format their TP as "(Spent Trait Points) / (Total Trait Points Earned)," so if you were an Emitter and you purchased the mandatory Emitter Trait, you would write your Trait Point count as 10/10 Trait Points. Every Role-Player begins the Game with Eight [8] Trait Slots and can only Gain Four [4] Additional Trait Slots, for a Total of Twelve [12] Trait Slots.

Trait Points can be accumulated in many ways. The most efficient method is actively participating in the weekly [ Free-Roam Guide ] that become available on certain week days. These threads are dedicated to documenting your character's growth through an expansive narrative. The other method for accumulating Trait Points involves participating in the major plot line threads that shape the Dawn of Tomorrow World. These event threads become available quarterly and are known as [ Crisis ] Threads.
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