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Dec 27, 2018
Trait Points
RP Timeline: Entry One
Hope, Courage, Wisdom, and Power. These ideals have flourished since the Fall of Olympus Event when the scourge of villainy was erased fifteen years ago and the leaders of the Nexus banished to the deepest pits of Silicon Asylum. Since then, the Hero Association thrived and expanded in number and power. The reigns of membership loosen to allow all types of Heroes to join up in arms. Society became more peaceful and prosperous because tyranny had been effectively stomped six under.

Despite such a serene era of heroism, petty criminals saw the vacuum of power left by the dismantle of Olympus and waged their own personal wars to establish names for themselves. Often brushed away and ignored, the Hero Association used these last remaining kindles of flames to maintain a reason for them to stay. Such dominance and affordability showed the arrogance of the Hero Association, especially since Fisherman’s Wharf was left desolated as representation of Justice prevailing against Evil. The abandonment of the region allowed for the last remnants of villains to treat it as home. True villainy festered through the years for individuals such as Mr. Five Finger, Kojo the Manslaughter, and Selena the Vile Witch to establish control.

A testament to the control the Hero Association had established, the leisure the justice workers possessed would serve to weaken them in due time. Fifteen years and three months, since Olympus has Fallen, the incident dubbed as [ Hollywood Blast ] had struck the nerve of California. Such a large-scale crime conducted in the middle of broad daylight had become unprecedented through the years of petty crimes. One of the biggest banks of California was targeted with terroristic bombings, which resulted in several dozen causalities. The culprit reported to be a small band of villains, they unfortunately escaped which caused a significant blow to the image of the Hero Association. Such failure only served to fuel the starving demon that is villainy.

The true data of such tradegy was hidden from the public. The Hero Association dismissed the assault as small crimes from immature citizens. They aimed to keep the public ignorant to the danger that villains seemed to be reemerging with, especially since massive traces of radiation was discovered at the crime scene. Another critical injury to the image of the Hero Association was inflicted when Horizon University was invaded. An incident dubbed as [ The Sun Shall Fall ], Horizon was assaulted by another band of criminals. Unlike the attack at the bank, the ambush dealt fatal results as many students were slain. Even the prominent provisional hero, Boyd Paxton, suffered an untimely demise as he sacrificed himself to save other students.

During that incident, the Hero Association responded swift enough to prevent further deaths as well seize some of the criminals behind the invasion. The campus itself was left horrendously damaged, with sectors demolished and others in critical condition. To make matters worse, the assailants attempted to even kill Charmer who is currently the Number Eight Ranking Hero of North America. This attack forced the sleeping eyes of the Hero Association open. This was not an ordinary group of criminals, in fact they were embodiments of the true villainy and proof it returned. Nothing but chaos and mayhem, wherever they reared their ugly head. These attacks were no coincidence, especially since radiation of the same signature at Hollywood Blast was discovered.

If the public gathered information about the deaths and connection between incidents, they surely would enter a panicked mode which is why the Hero Association pulled a veil over the details of that night as well. Partially successful, thanks to the efforts of a rough new station with an agenda aimed to oppose the Hero Association. Ego wounded and trust inflicted, the Hero Association and the State of California took precaution and relocated the students of Horizon University to Bodega Bay. The students who agreed with such move would be able to continue their studies in a safe, protected environment but importantly it allowed the faculty to survey the student body. It is currently believed amongst them lies a mastermind behind all the recent attacks.

Plot Points
→ Fifteen Years, 3 Months Ago Marks the Fall of Olympus Incident
→ 3 Months Ago, March Marks the Hollywood Blast Incident
→ 1 Month, 2 Weeks after Hollywood Blast Marks the Sun Shall Fall Incident
→ 1 Month, 2 Weeks after Sun Shall Fall Marks the Silicon Asylum Breakout Incident
→ 3 Days after Marks Silicon Asylum Breakout Marks the Several Rebirth in Mayhem Incidents

The Story Continues with the Crisis: [ Rebirth in Mayhem ]

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