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Oct 26, 2010
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Nickname:Unholy one, Archangel
Looks:Young Lucifer: His hair is short and pitch black. His eyes are yellow (since he was born his eyes have been like that for reasons unknown). His teeth are abnormally sharp almost vampire like, but his wisdom and all back teeth are sharp also except the front teeth. His skin has always been light, almost pale like. He is very agile not very muscular but toned.
Older Lucifer:When lucifer gets older his features aren't changed to much. His hair grows longer down to his back. Though his eyes change from yellow to black. His grows much muscular and taller. His skin stay pale and he wears nothing but a dark long hoodie and boots. His facial hair grows also and later on gets many tattos from his neck down.

Younger Lucifer:
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Older Lucifer:
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Personality:When Lucifer is not battling he is quite and doesn't speak. He likes to be alone and doesn't care to much for people around him, But when he's in a fight and his blood starts to boil his sadistic ways of thinking and mind starts to take control of him. Most say he has two sides to him, and others say that his just a psychopath. Lucifer only cares for himself and loves to indulge in most of the seven deadly sins except treachery. No matter how crazy he is or what he does he doesn't lie even since he was young he has never taken to likely to that sin. Lucifer has a tendency to look like he is talking to himself. People think that he is mumbling or crazy but in his head he has a voice that he has know his whole life in his head, and that voice is the main reason for a lot of his crazy and sadistic things he has done.

Village Info

Village of Birth:Kirigakure
Village of Alliance:N/A

Rank//Chakra Info

Ninja Rank:Sage (unofficial)
Specialty:Lighting/ Earth
Elements:Basic 5,
Your ninjutsu:Nin (A-ranked)

Background Info

History:Lucifer's origins is unknown except for where he was born. When he was young about 12 he left the village when his father was killed when he was at the ninja academy. After his father died he stopped talking in general. He moved up to the mountains by himself. While he was up their he still managed to go to his ninja classes. He never talk to anyone while he was their and always disappeared after his classes. After he took the chunin exam's and became a official ninja he started taking missions. After he started taking missions he started to like fighting. Some missions when he went out with his or by himself he use to torrent the other ninja that they had to go up against. His teammates was scared of him at one point even. When he started going on lone missions that were higher up given by the kage, he would do insane and crazy things to the ninja that he faced if they wasn't strong enough to face him. Ninja that knew of him called him the unholy one because of the unimaginable things he use to do to people and the insane expressions he had on his face.
Even though he didn't talk to many there was one girl he knew since he was young before the chunin exams. a young girl that lived with her mother that owned a flower shop by his fathers old home. when he became a ninja she was the only person he would even mutter a word to. She even stayed with him in the mountains for a while, but then one day when he he went to the river to get fish a bush of rouge ninja ransacked his hideout and found her in it. they rapped and killed her. When he returned he saw the blood and the girl laying there lifeless. He dropped to his knees and tears came to his eyes. Then a deep voice came to him in the darkness of his hideout. A shadow appeared and it told him that its his fault for being weak and not strong enough to save her and not protecting her. The dark voice repeated to him that the darkness was the only way to become strong. He then lost of sense of love and emotion. He laughed and took the dark voices heed. He believed that pain and lust was the way to true pleasure and the voice in his head stay and continued to guide the young boy. After that he went on missions and never looked back but only finds pleasure in fighting and loneliness. Now he everywhere he goes he is quite and lonely he thinks thats what he wants, but he contantly has this empty feeling in his chest and stomach. The dark voice says its from the bloodlust but he knows its something more then that. He just doesn't know what.



Theme Song and Background Music:[video=youtube;ix8kLAPQsjE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix8kLAPQsjE[/video]



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