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Apr 6, 2009
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✩ Signature of the Month ✩

SOTW means Signature of the Month. It is a 'monthly' signature contest. The signature which wins the contest will be placed in the SOTM Hall of Fame, and the user who submitted it, will get a temporary larger avatar, colored cyan name (both on request) and this SOTM Medal:

A second and third winner will be announced in case the entries are 10 or more in number. The user who submitted it will get the medal. The winners can get a name change if they wish.


1st Place - ✪ Signature of The Month

Coloured User Name​


One Name change (optional)​

2nd Place - ✪Signature of The Month


One Name change (optional)​

3rd Place - ✪ Signature of The Month


**If more than 20 participants are joining winners will also have one month premium in addition to regular awards.

The contest starts when the next theme is posted, which is done soon after the previous contest has finished. Submitting lasts till the end of the month and during that time you can send your submissions via PM to Avani. She will then post all the submissions, directly after the deadline is passed, into a poll. This is done to prevent voting for "beloved ones", to make voting as objective as it can be. The exact dates are always mentioned in the thread that announces the theme of that month.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Maximum size for the signature has to be 450x200 (horizontal or vertical and a few pixels more or less don't matter). Total file size must not be over 1 MB.
  • The submissions must be self made, so no stealing other's people's work
  • Only one signature per person, though you can change/edit your submission if you want as long as the poll hasn't been posted yet.
  • The submitted work must match the given theme
  • No author sign in the signature, it must be anonymous
  • After the signatures are anonymously submitted, you can not tell anyone what signature was made by you and, obviously, you can't use it as a signature/avatar during the contest
  • Voting with multiple accounts is not allowed, and neither is asking people to vote for you.
  • If you want to suggest a theme, please do so here.
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