±± Bio Tests - Rules and Guidelines ±±

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May 23, 2008
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±± Bio Tests - Rules and Guidelines ±±

This sticky thread will contain miscellaneous information and rules regarding bio battle tests.


Since there was always a misconception about this, I've decided to make a clarification of the ongoing rules on bio tests. When you take a test of any sort, after the judgement has been delivered, you cannot take another test for one month (30 days). This applies for any sort of verdict on the test. If you fail the test, you must wait that time before you can retake the test. If you wish to take another test, you must wait before you can take the next test. If you pass a test, you must wait that time before you can take another test.

The following tests are exempt from this criteria, and have their own rules and guidelines:
  • Sensei Test


When taking a battle test for an ability or bio, the testee is required to be active and to reply to the test. This said, the testee must reply to the battle test thread in the 168 hours (1 week) following the testers last post. At that point it is up to the tester to decide whether or not to submit the test for grading or give another grace period which is not to exceed 3 days. Once those 168 hours pass (or 10 days with proctor extension), the test is automatically handed out for grading.

If the tester, for some reason, doesn't reply in a 120 hour (5 day) window, you are responsible for asking the mod(s) responsible (via PM) for the testing section (Reborn currently) to look into the test and decide if a new tester is required or you can simply wait. It is recommended to report unexcused inactive sensei testers for the benefit of efficiency.

If you know that you aren't going to be active or online for a given amount of time, contact the mentioned moderators to suspend the test. If the period of inactivity is brief, the test may simply be paused. If the period is long, then the test is ended and remade when you come back. The outcome in this case will depend on other factors as well.
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