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  1. halfmoonuzumaki

    Mac Miller: Good News

    Today the first single off of his upcoming posthumous album titled "Circles" released, by the title of Good News. This one hits different. Wanted to make a thread to discuss memories and Mac tracks, so I figured I'd start here. #MostDope
  2. halfmoonuzumaki

    Animebase (Narutobase) Rap Veterans, You Alive?

    A few years back we made something special happen on the base in the form of multiple tournaments, royales, and built a community of hip hop heads with mutual respect. Any of you still kickin around?
  3. halfmoonuzumaki

    Your Character vs Character Above (Rap Battles only)

    A rap legend of the base was prowling through the jungle, And when he came across this thread his stomach let out a rumble, He sniffed out the competition, this room is easily read Every single rapper in this thread is officially dead, This a Grim Adventure, I'm here Reaping these souls, I have...
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    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? [Thread migration #2]

    Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
  5. halfmoonuzumaki

    Burger King admits... Pretty gross sh*t.
  6. halfmoonuzumaki

    US Church release Priest abuse file

    Honestly makes me sick to call myself a Catholic. This is not the work of God, This is the work of sick twisted freaks abusing their way into the holy system to get away with raping children.
  7. halfmoonuzumaki

    Attention All Base Rappers!

    Only ONE spot is left in NvG's 2nd rap tourny. If youre interested, join this group: And head to the register thread. Post your name with - "16". (if you see somebody else has done this already, then the spot has been filled) Head on over...
  8. halfmoonuzumaki

    Quick Question About 615

    Is it going to be out this week, or is it on break for the holidays and whatnot? (inb4 flame and hate for not knowing, havnt been around the computer much so i wouldnt know)
  9. halfmoonuzumaki

    what's going to happen next....

    It isnt the actual kyubii. Its a FILLER.
  10. halfmoonuzumaki

    Quick Question..(not about contents of chapter)

    Usually when a chapter is released I get an announcement from mangapanda...i havnt gotten this. Are they usually late with emails when its an early release, or is it a possibility we're all being silently trolled?
  11. halfmoonuzumaki

    Something i picked up on that seems to be being overlooked

    At the bottom of the last page, most were probably distracted by Madara arriving, that they didnt notice the text at the bottom reads, "And... Madara joins the fight!!! The story is heading towards its final climax!!" Could this be implying the obito/madara battle will be the be-all end-all of...
  12. halfmoonuzumaki

    [Predictions] Naruto Manga 600 prediction!

    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Spoiler! Id like to see a more reputable source than just exactly what you have written down on another website..
  13. halfmoonuzumaki

    Something interesting.

    Was just re-reading One Jutsu, and happened to notice something about tobi after he shirt was torn If you look closely at his arm, its almost as if it has shed skin, now, seeing as it isnt in color, is very well could be a rasingan burn/injury, but meh, it caught my attention EDIT: He...
  14. halfmoonuzumaki


    Fairly new to Base's actually community, but hello all :shy: