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  1. Kiiszame

    [Spoilers] If it is..

    If it is Sabo then he must be wanting some payback for not being there for Ace at the war. He does feel guilty as he mentions it to Koala. I mean he is going to get a chance to fight Burgess the 2nd fleet commander of black beard who was the reason Ace got captured. Sabo will pwn I hope! Also...
  2. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] The Rift in March!

    A new chapter in ATLA will take place in March. It is titled the rift. It was anounced in the new chapter of the Search.
  3. Kiiszame

    [Predictions] (Spolier) How great are the chances

    Well we finally got a look at Pica. Doflamingos big 3 (excluding himself). so who will Pica fight? Based on his size I think it might be Burgess. I just dont see Franky taking him on (As others have mentioned)
  4. Kiiszame

    [Question] How Good Are The Chances

    What are the odds of Korra having to confront Koh? After all he is a spirit and for those who saw the previous avatar, he said they would meet again. I for one think it would be interesting considering Korra's personality. And hope he does make an appearance. Thoughts? For those who dont...
  5. Kiiszame

    [Question] Quincies not at full strength?

    Are the quincies not using their full strength? They still have the perfected form of the Letzt Stil, called the Vollständig where they absorb reshi and gain immense power right? Or can only a select few use it? Like this
  6. Kiiszame

    [Question] Hunter x Hunter manga

    Did the manga already conclude? Or is it still ongoing? Whats the last arc? Im not sure and this did come out over a decade ago so you would think itd be finish thats why theyre making the remake of the anime. Anyone know?
  7. Kiiszame

    [Question] Logue Town (Spoiler (Somewhat))

    Dont read if you dont read the manga. (Spoiler) Bartolomeo worships luffy because of what happened at Logue town. He basically proclaimed he would be king of pirates before Buggy strikes him down with a blade. But a lightening bolt struck him, which freed him. Was that lightening bolt...
  8. Kiiszame

    [Question] Luffys Improvement?

    Based on recent fights, you can see that Luffy doesnt use Gear 2nd for extended period of time. He uses it for a few seconds at a time or to simply use an attack with it and then it wears off. Do you think that is because he has grown weary of the effects it might have on his body? Or does he...
  9. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Pretty Much Hit the Nail on the Head

    No pun intended regarding todays manga release, but what Chinjao said pretty much did hit the nail on the head with what he said. So basically Oda just said, "I bet this is what my fans are thinking right now." Yup I am. If Luffy is struggling with him, how can he hope to defeat the elite...
  10. Kiiszame

    [Spoilers] Hiruzen Gone?

    So its been quite a few chapters and not once have we even seen an image of Hiruzen (the 3rd Hokage) after he got hit by Obito. I guess its safe to assume hes really gone. Man he ddnt even do anything... I was looking forward to seeing something from him...
  11. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Insight Into Devil Fruits? I just saw the episode and I think this give insight into how devil fruits are reborn. So it answers quetions and raises questions on how Dofla got Aces fruit and blackbeard could have gotten whitebeards fruit.
  12. Kiiszame

    [Question] Search and the Promise

    Does anyone know if the the two new graphic novels, The Promise and Search, will be animated? Ive read the ones available and theyre awesome. Brings me back to the original avatar. I hope Nick will reconsider and help animate them. I feel that the fans deserve this. Honestly I would have...
  13. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Will Book 2 Reveal..

    Im pretty most of us have seen the recent trailer on Book 2. However the only real thing that I have been wanting to know is what happened to Zukos Mom... I was waiting for this since the original ended with Zuko asking his Dad about his mother... And book 1 just teased us in the beginning...
  14. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Bankai?

    Was ichigo already in his bankai form? or was that just his shikai?
  15. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Bartolomeo"s Suprise

    People around here have been saying that Sabo is working under Dofla and that perhaps the person who Bartolomeo is trying to give the fruit to is Sabo. I think it makes lots of sense considering: bartolomeo already has a devil fruit, Sabo could want the fruit as bad as Luffy. Yes we still...
  16. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] The will of D

    Lately the will of D has come to my attention especially that theory that has been going around about "One Piece". I found a cool video I wanted to share In it there is a part that talks about someone who will come and turn...
  17. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Will Luffy Win?

    Not that I doubt luffys strength because we have yet to see it at 100. But damn these guys competing are freaks of nature. Im just curious if luffy can win without showing his full power and revealing his identity. It looks tough. If he struggles then he isnt as strong as people think.. Will...
  18. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Wouldnt it be cool if..

    Dragon the father of luffy actually had a mythical zoan type ability of a dragon? That be badass. Would fit the most wanted man in One piece and his name as well as the revolutionary leader.
  19. Kiiszame

    [Spoilers] So Rogue, zeref, and the dragons

    Rogues ability to control dragons is just like what zeref uses to control acnologia. However does that technique only become available to dragon slayers? If so would that make Zeref a dragon slayer? If only 7 dragons emerged from the gate and none of them were grandine, igneel, metalicca, we...
  20. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Festival of the Dragon King

    Believe it or not this was kinda stated over 200 chapters ago. Well not entirely but we were led on to know that the dragons were alive and real and that the festival of dragon king would decided something. Lookie here.. This was in chapter 101. So apparently the dragons were planning...