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  1. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Game Changer (Spoiler for Anime Watchers)

    Does the revelation that the man eating titans, that have been hated and deemed demons and atrocities, are actually people that have been punished and turned into titans to roam Paradise by basically by the Nazi party equivalent change the hatred of the characters in the series? The entire time...
  2. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Shinsui bankai - Reaper Death type?

    In the last picture of the chapter... Doesn't it looks like a women or figure is hugging him from the back?? You can clearly see that "figure" wrapping its arms around his neck. And the figure is emitting shadows. Why I say its a women is because most scary women tend have that tendency...
  3. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] That Moment

    The moment you realize that Dragonball Z ended nearly a decade ago and has now come back before Hunter x Hunter. #WillWaitForEver
  4. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Just to Put it in Perspective

    So we have the 10 wizards saints who also hold the 4 gods of ishvar (Currently 3). The guild of FT who probably hold there own wizards that could be considered on par with the saints (Gildarts, Laxus, Natsu, Erza etc). On the other side we have the Alvarez Empire with there 700+ guilds built...
  5. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Finished

    I just finished reading Tokyo Ghoul. Well part 1 since I'm now aware their is a second part. The ending was depressing man ( I guess I'm used to happy endings ). But anyways., before I start part two, which I'm assuming answers many of the questions from part 1, I want to watch the anime...
  6. Kiiszame

    [Spoilers] For those who've seen the Last

    Just finished watching the Koreon not Japanese dubbed Naruto the Last. I mean I guess it was meh. Sasuke appeared for like a sec (Kishi trolled everyone with that one) Naruto fell in love in like a second got his heart broken then fell in love again (Oh yeah his Rasengans are orange now?)...
  7. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] So this is not canon or?

    First chapter of the "New" naruto series was released. So is it canon or not? Or is it like DBGT?
  8. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Zeref's Curse

    Its not clear whether Zeref truly is evil. He has that curse. So until we know how he got it or why he got it we cant say for sure. I mean is it possible for there to be someone far more evil, and powerful, than Zeref. Now that would be something. Its not entirely impossible. A lot of...
  9. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Picas Voice on Point

    If you haven't seen the anime ever. Just tune into episode 683 minute 7:20. It will not disappoint. Or watch this clip!
  10. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Why Reset Gons Nen

    So Gon is basically at zero again for the time being. Why go to the trouble of resetting him? Kinda seems to throw away everything he's worked for so far. Its also seems that if he regains his nen it'll come at a price. I just don't see the point of all this.
  11. Kiiszame

    [Question] Dead Man Wonderland

    Okay so I finished watching the first season of DMWL and well looks like their won't be a season two anytime soon. I was wondering wht chapter I could piggyback off so that I continue right where the anime left off. Or what chapter I should start at so that I won't miss anything new.
  12. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] SAO Good? Suggestions?

    Ive run out of anime to watch. Naruto is always on fillers and One piece anime is meh. Bleach doesn't have one currently and FT is on fillers. Ive heard that Sword Art Online is pretty good? Any thoughts? Better animes out there?
  13. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] The Future of Avatar

    Ive read articles everywhere about LOK being a pioneer in children television and doing things no other cartoon show had the courage to do (Korrasami). To be quite honest being moved to online by Nick (As punishment for killing of Amon and his brother) rather than being shown on television...
  14. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] Shikai? (Manga)

    Can we assume this is Ichibes shikai? Which must mean the zero squad does use bankai!
  15. Kiiszame

    [Question] Understanding this page?

    I think this page is was very confusing or at least too many things going on. Is think this is when Doffy unlocked his Kings Haki and saved himself. What does Trebol mean when he says "Shall I grant you the strength to take revenge?" Was he there with Vergo or is that another moment?
  16. Kiiszame

    [Question] Could benders do this?

    Could an air bender manipulate sound? I think thats the closets and perhaps the easiest way to do it. Sound travels through mediums, like water, solids, and air. The sound waves move through each of these mediums by vibrating the molecules in them. Its most common for sound to travel through...
  17. Kiiszame

    [Question] Why is Law still alive?

    Possible spoiler for those not caught up with manga... From reading the *********** translation of one piece we see that Law clearly states he will die in 3 years? Possible reasons for him being alive? We know Corazon is dead. He could have used the ageless surgery ability of the Ope-Ope...
  18. Kiiszame

    [Question] Beyond Netero and Netero (Spoiler for Anime watchers)

    So from the new manga released (Yessss finally!! :bouncy::bouncy: ) we know the Beyond is a specialist type nen user, the rarest and most powerful kind. What kind of nen user was Netero (Father)? Was he specialist too?
  19. Kiiszame

    [Discussion] It wasnt Law (Spoiler)

    So we all saw doffy's head get cut cleanly off. It looked like Law's room was in effect, but it couldnt be Law who saved him because he was in shackles, sea stone shackles. So can Doffly really be dead?
  20. Kiiszame

    Gai as an Edo?

    How strong would he be if he could use the 8 gates continuously as an edo summon?