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  1. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Shiritori (Word Chain)

    I suppose it's time for one of the popular word games in Japan: shiritori しりとり Known as "Word Chain" in English, essentially a person will start with one word, and the next person should provide the next word that starts with the last syllable of the previous word. As for the English version...
  2. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Suggestion] That one thing that always makes my day

    I miss having Koharu at the side of the screen. I mean, just making her toggle-able would be good just to avoid complaints on lag. oh also, maybe adding a few features to her such as reacting to headpats (I know it's gonna be a lot of work on the L2D widget, but it's gonna be worth-it =w=)...
  3. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Niche or Innovation? [Samsung Galaxy F]

    Recent leaks have been shown, and now concept designs are also coming along what seems to be the future of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy F The fist foldable smartphone/tablet hybrid Ever since 2012, Samsung has been teasing us with the same foldable display technology over and over again. But...
  4. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Question] Kumi/Virtual Currency

    Are Kumi's only for Roleplaying use, or can we establish shops based on the currency? (e.g. GFX/Art shops) Just a simple question I'm having, since I think using the currency outside of RP might have good potential as an intra-server virtual currency.
  5. Kajime Kazuhiro

    My thoughts on making 2D animation and character rigging?

    IT'S TEDIOUS AS *Beep*! I've recently started accepting 2d character rigging projects from my employer, and oh boy...average as it is, it's just hella time-consuming... People might say animation is easy, but me and my cut-outs are starting to make me go nuts. More so if you try cell-based...
  6. Kajime Kazuhiro

    EDM Appreciation Thread

    ╔════╚═╝══ ░░▒ Embrace your inner rebel ▒░░ ══╔═╗════╝ ╚══ As the title suggests, this serves as a thread for sharing your favorite EDM tracks if you are a fellow EDM fan ══╗ Would be better sharing the EDM tracks you're currently listening to (NOTE: only post max. of 3 tracks per reply to...
  7. Kajime Kazuhiro

    [Discussion] Who are your fave My Hero Academia characters?

    ▼-----▲-----▼ Description ▼-----▲-----▼ As the title suggests, they might be either your favorite main MHA series characters for: - having a waifu/husbando - at a critical standpoint (based on physical/quirk/character development of the story) OR you just like the character for the sake of...
  8. Kajime Kazuhiro

    A question about "Thread-Bumping"

    With the image stated above (this is a section on the forum's Global Rules), does this also apply to sticky threads which haven't had any activity for around months/years? I personally wanted to post something in the sticky threads at Design Hall (about my first forum signature and the...
  9. Kajime Kazuhiro

    Another Intro? sure

    Hello, FallenDeity here, yoroshiku~ P.S. Kajime Kazuhiro