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  1. ETHx

    :0 What game are you currently playing?

    Just finished Atelier Ryza, honestly a heartwarming game although the story could use more depth storytelling wise.
  2. ETHx

    MS and JB stop publishing WSJ Titles

    I mean, it was a success in the sense that they took away some of the more easily accessible sites. Its not gonna stop small groups though.
  3. ETHx

    MS and JB stop publishing WSJ Titles

    If you read some of the things people described, the way they received those scans early seemed illegal anyways so it was bound to happen with the releases being earlier that the actual date they were supposed to be uploaded and distributed. Also ms did not only keep the recent chapters up, if...
  4. ETHx

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Apparently some copies of KH3 got stolen and some stuff got leaked.
  5. ETHx

    Is itachi the most mentally twisted uchiha

    Bad storytelling is the explanation I believe. Kishimoto wrote him that way to change Sasuke as a character seeing as it had a long impact on the story.
  6. ETHx

    Who are the top 3 smartest characters of the series

    Kabuto Itachi Those two seem to be the ones with the highest academic prowess.
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    Sony Vegas Pro 15 Edit for $25

    URL: For the next 9 days Sony Vegas Pro 15 Edit will be $25 on Humble Bundle. Normally people pay about...
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    Super Smash Ultimate

    I've been playing a lot of Snake, its a fun game but I think the matchmaking could use some work.
  9. ETHx

    :0 What game are you currently playing?

    Man too many people spam FE characters online because they're good at ranging lol.I dont like playing FE characters but if it means thats what I need to play to win I guess...
  10. ETHx

    Emotion vs fact, what is more important?

    I'm not too sure myself, if someone breaks the law but they do it in the way the that the spirit of the law was not intended to criminalize then being by the book isn't really effective. Like when people speed 6mph above the speed limit are they really hurting traffic or the people around them...
  11. ETHx

    [Predictions] Who Will Destroy the Leaf Village Next?

    Yeah I feel like old habits die hard and Orochimaru is ideal example in the case of Naruto. It is hard to believe with all that has happened that he'd suddenly change sides. To me, it just seemed like he was trying to get the bigger baddie at the end of Naruto... With him not being as strong as...
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    I think increasing the contrast a little bit and defining the focal point would make this piece better. In the resources forum there are some resource packs that have .pngs in them with objects/nature renders which you could use as focals in pieces like this. Otherwise really nice use of PS...
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    Introducing a new forum currency: Kin

    :blush:you mind sharing some of that wealth with your junior people
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    I actually finished the manga. I was disappointed with the ending and how it progressed but it was pretty good around beginning and mid game.
  15. ETHx

    Hiding Samurai

    Thank you for the feedback. I was wondering if the lamps in the back needed the lighting to be changed. Lightning definitely needs working here.
  16. ETHx

    [Spoilers] Wtf am I reading? (Chapter 112)

    Yeah pacing feels a little off in AoT, things just happen and its very hard to keep track of.
  17. ETHx

    Two years in to trumps presidency whats your thoughts

    >ou're asking for a lot of backing to say your position(that Trump has no real global impact, which also implicates that tariffs don't) is far more extreme than my own, and your sentence before the last is analogous with "fake news" so I see where this is going. Red ties into my original point...
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    Hiding Samurai

    Still trying to get used to photoshop again. I always have trouble not blending enough or blending too much.
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    Two years in to trumps presidency whats your thoughts

    >That's an incredibly dumb point because the president appoints secretaries. Just look at EPA. He more or less put people who wanted to gut EPA in charge of it. Saying he brought no changes in regards to policies just shows that you don't pay attention. He's alienated old allies in favor of...
  20. ETHx

    Whats KK up to?

    - The Frog - The markings under his eyes I imagine since his body went missing they're gonna be explain during the war against pain that Karma took Jiraiya's body and thats why no one could find it. 1543727061