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  1. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] What's the point of Billion+ bounties if there aren't any bounty hunter to capture them ?

    This thread is for one piece's in world logic.. So points like it helps viewers understand how strong somebody is isn't valid.. Now, Here's a thing there are no strong bounty hunters who can actually take down people with 500million+ Bounties.. Let me elaborate-: 1) Marines aren't getting any...
  2. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] Is it weird that I am liking Franky more & more as I grow up???

    Year ago I didn't care about Franky as a character infact I hated his Timeskip design but now he is suddenly grown on me, I can't pinpoint exact characteristics of Franky which is making him likebable to me but he is just fun now...Can u give me reasoning on why someone would like Franky???
  3. Pulkit singh3

    Konohamaru is actually really strong

    Ok before I start let me clarify some points..Yes he is a fodder but lets look at this from the subjective point of view..Lets take a look at his arsenal.. If We consider Boruto(Anime) canonical. Then konohamaru can use- 1) Rasengan with wind release 2) Two Types of Summoning Frog and the...
  4. Pulkit singh3

    I made a Top 10 anime list of 2021

    Hey guys, I have recently made a youtube channel and I have decided to post anime content on it. take a look at my video and please share your opinions. what kinda change can I implement or maybe some editing advice or something Feel free to share any criticism you might have. Ps-If this...
  5. Pulkit singh3

    Who's winning Trump or Biden

    Please give me the honest ground level report...I am sick of watching United states Biased media in all the predictions some say Trump is winning some Biden...I am a outsider but I've been following this election very closely I love politics.. Being honest with you I can't predict whos winning...
  6. Pulkit singh3

    [Spoilers] Narutos new powerup in boruto ch 51(Spoilers)

    These are the leaked spoiler what do you think
  7. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] An outsider perspective on 2020 US elections

    I am not a American but I've been following US upcoming election and I have to say I don't really get who is actually right...In my research many things came up with few perspectives from both Left wing and right wing of US..In this post I am putting the Right wings perspective...In part 2 ai...
  8. Pulkit singh3

    [Spoilers] Oda drew older strawhats

    The upper ones are if everything went right..Lower ones are if something went wrong in their journey...And its terrifying 1) Luffy Above- He is saying meat in both of the faces Below- In first face he is saying "Pirate king thats a tough ambition"...In second face he is saying "Do you have...
  9. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] Jinbei is stronger than zoro and sanji

    I am certainly done with the fandom downplaying jinbei... He fought Ace, Akainu and literally punched Big mom 100 meters into sea...Big mom 1 shot luffy gear 4 luffy and remember Gear 4 luffy one sidedly destroyed Doflamingo... Now lets talk about zoro..He has no feats after timeskip that puts...
  10. Pulkit singh3

    [Spoilers] Why did crocodile change??

    Here's a cover page for chapter= 860 This is the guy who did so many messed up things in alabasta arc why did he change so much?? What led to this change??? I don't remember it explained...Do you guys have any theories or an Explanation for this change...
  11. Pulkit singh3

    Recommend me some Good comedy sitcoms

    I am looking for a good comedy sitcom..I have already watched 2ahm, tbbt, Friends etc i want something good now..
  12. Pulkit singh3

    Sarada is stronger than Hokage Naruto

    Let me put the facts here.. 1) As you can see sarada's stats are better than Naruto according to Boruto databooks... 2)Boro is called worse than jigen and sarada was beating him up as you can see.. 3)Sarada with her punches and 3tomoe is obviously too fast and her intellect is too much for...
  13. Pulkit singh3

    Give me your honest opinion on Bollywood (Indian film industry) songs

    For example this is a old bollywood song- And this is new one Is it all Hollywood copy for you guys if it is..Share your opinions...I have heard it from lots of foreigners that Indian film industry is just a copy of Hollywood for them but I seriously can't see it..So If you think it is...
  14. Pulkit singh3

    Boruto anime has a mission to prove Madara and Nagato right

    Everything about boruto is proving Madara right...He believed there is no peace because selfish people kills for their benefit and those who lose their loved ones feel similar incredible pein and turn for revenge...Hence there is no actual peace...In Boruto's case ishiki is the selfish guy and...
  15. Pulkit singh3

    Naruto's vibes and everything is completely different from Boruto

    I rewatched war arc again and I am truly amazed with how different these two shows are...Naruto was on a completely different level man..Those vibes were so hype and the characters acted completely different from what we're getting in Boruto...I haven't watched Naruto for 2 years and I have to...
  16. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] Does this quarantine made you feel like a different person than you thought you were

    I'd be honest here before quarantine I used to go to college in the morning and gym in evening now that both of them are closed and I have nothing to do I realized many things about myself that I never bother to think about..... Hence it gave a completely different look to myself...I realised...
  17. Pulkit singh3

    I don't know what I want I am just sad

    Can anyone tell me how people know what they want??? My life is OK but I am just not happy and I don't know what will make me satisfied/happy... What should I do????
  18. Pulkit singh3

    [Predictions] Can 5000 subordinates of luffy could appear in wano

    What do you guys think??? It has been a long time since anything about them is mentioned...And I remember at the end of dressrosa in one of the panels it was written that they will appear in the later part of the story..Do you think this is that time???
  19. Pulkit singh3

    Can Indians use N word

    I was just wondering can indians or brown people use N word... I mean if we can..Can we use it even after having a skin tone like this.. ..
  20. Pulkit singh3

    [Discussion] Brook with armament and observation haki

    Brook already is 5th strongest member of straw hats counting jinbei. how strong do you think he would be with both armament and observation haki...Could he be possibly a yonko commander level..