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    [Question] Anyone have the original Sir Derp Obito emote that was used here when it was Naruto Base?

    I haven't been here in years. I quit when this placed wasn't Naruto Base anymore. But I literally came back just to ask for this emote because I can't find it anywhere XD thanks in advance! 1622691788 Never mind, I found it.
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    dang. I needed a good list...for something (I have an rp server on Discord and didn't feel like making up all the prices for the items)
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Hey, is there a list of prices for basic ninja tools like kunai and smoke bombs and stuff?
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    Genjutsu and incosistencies

    We don’t know much about genjutsu, because none of the protagonists use it and so it doesn’t get proper explanations the way ninjutsu does. What we do know is that genjutsu works by somehow inducing a controlled modification in your target’s chakra flow, which somehow alters their perception of...
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    Kisame vs MS Madara

    The Madara that tanked the Tailed Beasts tails wasn't Edo Madara. And the Hashirama on his chest wasn't in Sage Mode, so he was not benefited from extra durability of any kind...
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    Questions and Troubleshooting

    Are reputation points just gone now? I loved the ranking system we had If I could change the background colour on this website, I swear I will not complain about anything else. Literally that's all I want. A soft, warm color as the background.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    Are reputation points just gone now? I loved the ranking system we had :pick:
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    I can't wait until they make new themes, because this one severely lacks color. Everything feels dark and cold. It has the nice banner at the top, and then everything else is this pale white.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    If there's already one thing I don't like about this new website, it's the borders. I hate the circle borders around everything, and I would very much prefer it if were square. Is there anyway to change that? Other than that, it feels a little alien, but it's kind of the same overall.
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    Does ATLA have better characters and plot than Naruto?

    You must not watch Western shows if you think that large eyes, a wide nose, and a big smile are unique only to anime style; most characters in these kind of cartoons have exaggerated features. I'm not going to provide examples from before anime's influence because developments in character...
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    [Question] How much reputation should I spread before I can give it to the same person again?

    How much reputation do I have to spread before I can give reputation points to the same person again?
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    Does ATLA have better characters and plot than Naruto?

    I don't think it's weird at all, I can show a bunch of images where the art style looks more like a cartoon than an anime. The art style isn't entirely consistent throughout the entire series, but there are a number of scenes when the art style could be called cartoon-ish. At most, resembled...
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    Create your own Perfect Susano'o!

    If you could design your own Perfect Susano'o, what would it look like? What kind of design would it have? What colour would it be? What weapon would it have? For my design, I'd choose Toyotomi Hideyoshi's armor! The color would be a blood red. The weapon would be a massive War Fan...
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    Best looking Susano'o?

    Among everyone who's ever used the Susano'o, who has the best looking one? Fanart Sarada Susano'o not included. Madara: Kakashi/Obito: Sasuke: Itachi: Shisui: Indra: Design: Madara: 10/10 Sasuke: 10/10 Itachi: 10/10 Shisui: 7/10 Kakashi: 10/10 Indra: 10/10 Color: Shisui...
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    SM Jiraiya vs Kakuzu

    10m No Intel Location is where Kakashi fought Kakuzu.
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    Can Kamui Shuriken warp Yata Mirror? Can Yata Mirror reflect Totsuka Blade?

    What do you think? I believe the data book says that Yata Mirror will take any form to reflect oncoming attacks. Do you think it'd have a form for Kamui warping? Could the Yata Mirror Block the Totsuka blade, or would it be an Irresistible Force Paradox?
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    Does ATLA have better characters and plot than Naruto?

    I think that they have a very cartoon-ish design and Naruto is more anime-ish, but their art style can be funny at times. They also have a very interesting plot in both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, although the latter is usually frowned upon. So what do you think? Plot wise, and...
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    Is it possible...

    Is it possible that Naruto is under Tsukuyomi cast by Itachi when they fought earlier in the series, and that none of what's occurring is real? Ancient goddesses, giant ten tailed monsters, Sasuke marrying Sakura. It's all too far'fetched. I call Genjutsu via Itachi. Besides, can't you live out...
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    What tier do you place.....

    Try to be serious and practical, you know I don't like any joking around in these kind of threads. Like, no saying Sarada would be God-tier, that's unrealistic: Perfect SM Jiraiya (In a scenario that he actually perfected Sage Mode) Itachi Orochimaru (In the scenario that Orochimaru actually...