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  1. Demon

    The most underrated panel in Naruto.

    Let me explain. This means more than people know. I keep thinking he did evil deeds for good reasons. So he was justified and shit. I thought he was really smart, and deep and shit... And that people just used this pane to troll. But I'm starting to understand why Kishi resurrected...
  2. Demon

    Being an atheist is the same as being autistic

    When normal people get facebook. Its very easy for them to set up a profile. some information about what music Is relevant and what hobbies are too. When an autist gets facebook they get lost in all the questions trying to find logical and perfect answers to all of them examining themselves to...
  3. Demon

    Who would you vote for?

    I know Madara is stronger, so he would get to be Kage, but forget that. Out of only philosophical differences, what person would you choose as your leader? Madara wants to live in lalaland and is ready to enslave everyone to achieve this. Itachi believes the only real possible solution is to...
  4. Demon

    You can only chooce 1

    A: You live in Gangs of New York. Where protestants are killing Catholics and vice versa. B: You live in a futuristic city. Where there is no quarrel. But you all have a history of evil as to how you built it on the blood of others. And the only way to keep living there would be to not bring...
  5. Demon

    Where is Salamander?

    I haven't seen him..I mean I hope it's cus he has a normal life. But I dunno.
  6. Demon

    I have too much spare time

    I dunno what to do, I just keep thinking and stuff. It's not healthy.
  7. Demon

    The dumbest atheist argument in the world.

    "Feminism and Communism is religion." Reason? Feminism and Communism are dorky things. That reveals your idiocracy. You thought atheism was correct because religion was ridiculous. And so you think everything that is ridiculous is also religious. Your problem was never religion, it was...
  8. Demon

    Time to be evil, how we kill ourselves without knowing

    Logic is on the rise. Idealism is dead. Instead, we have realism. And values. We fight for small things. But small things matter. Science kills faith. Logic kills beliefs. We think we are smart when we follow logic. But logic never cares about humanity. Logic will always be beyond us...
  9. Demon

    [Discussion] The 7 steps of being an Itachi fan

    1. My God what a villain, he is horrible, but he is pretty cool tho. 2. WTF HE WAS A HERO ALL ALONG!?!?!? THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL HE IS MY HERO!!!! 3. Wait...people say he mass murdered a group of discriminated people and tormented his brother...that can't be true..I thought he was a good...
  10. Demon

    How do you get a job?

  11. Demon

    I betrayed someone

    I totally stabbed him in the back. Dantes deepest hell awaits.
  12. Demon

    What if atheists are just pretending to be atheists?

    I mean, think about it, what if when atheists are joking about religion, that's really what it is, a stupid joke? They are never actually serious? They just tell other people to abandon ship but really themselves never do, and they don't REALLY have a problem with religion when it comes down to...
  13. Demon

    If a future society uses robots to do ALL work, is that smart or lazy?

    I mean, assuming they are not sentient and the labor is not slavery, what would that life be like? For example, a skilled artist might make a nice portrait, however in this world, anyone can have a machine construct the portrait with symmetry and accuracy only a machine can. Would human...
  14. Demon

    If I can curse God but get away with it, what's the point?

    Like is hell supposed to be the point of it? Let's say I'm really spiteful, but I work hard and get through anyway. Do I get a cookie or something? Also another question, if people need God to be good, are they "really" good? If people sailed away to a boat, and then built a house on that...
  15. Demon

    Should dreams be killed off?

    Are dreams something unrealistic that people need to get past? Or are dreams the very reason for existing and something to indulge?
  16. Demon

    Killing God enables evil

    I have come to believe this, that atheists' act of ruining religion is actually paving the way for immorality. The reason I believe this is because atheists use facts and logic, these weapons destroy anything in their path. Reasoning kills God. HOWEVER. There is one thing that cannot be...
  17. Demon

    Is religion useless?

    If religion is nothing but myth, and important the same way people find Harry Potter important, then why can't we replace religion all together with Harry Potter? If people don't need religion to be good people, then what is the purpose of being religious for the sake of good? Is religion...
  18. Demon

    Why do you think Dante considered the inner circle of hell to be for traitors?

    Like did he get backstabbed in his life and then he was like having a personal grudge about betrayal? Or did he believe betrayal to be the worst crime? Why would betrayal be the worst crime?
  19. Demon

    Would the devil help me if I was left in the middle of the ocean?

    Or should I pray to God?
  20. Demon

    Would the world be a better place if being mean was illegal?

    Imagine a law that punishes people for being mean, like smearing a country or bullying religious views. I know you can argue free speech, that's not really relevant here, I just wonder what do you think the consequence of living in such a world would be? Please see it as a thought experiment and...