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  1. Akuma

    [Open] Tower of God

    LoK's R&R | Start at Mid Range| All Out (Unofficial Btw) I'll be using Zahad. Post your bio and I'll go first to whomever challenges. Chorok - First Moon
  2. Akuma

    [NW] Zahad, Collector of Kingdoms

    Basic ⥈ Information Name: Zahad Nickname: Solomon's Proxy, King Zahad, FUG Slayer Gender: Male Age: Unknown Clan: Kaguya "Let me ask you something. What am I to you people? I was the first one to climb the Tower. I was the greatest in battle. And I pioneered a civilization of mutual...
  3. Akuma

    [CJ] Phone Boning w/ Best

  4. Akuma

    [CJ] With a Crooked Doctor

  5. Akuma

    [NW] Octavia | The Red Queen

    Basic Information Name: Octavia 'Blake' Uchiha Nickname: Bloodreina, Skairipa, Queen of Cannibals Gender: Female Age: 33 Clan: Uchiha "You are Wonkru or you are ENEMY of Wonkru, choose." Personality Octavia is uninhibited and fierce. After being hidden her entire childhood in order to...
  6. Akuma

    Fun spar?

    Unofficial (unless my bio gets approved) Where Darui fought Kin/Gin bros Using Gyojin Bio:
  7. Akuma

    [NW] Inosuke Hashibira

    "Never overreach your limits...! Make your move only when you're 100% positive you can make the kill. Otherwise, bide your time...!! It's foolish to show your hand when the odds are against you." Basic Information | 基本情報 Name: Inosuke Hashibira Nickname: Poseidon | Sage Of Oceans Gender...
  8. Akuma

    [Open] Hands of Fury!!!

    Open Unofficial (unless Ken is approved then idc it can be official) Terrain: A Big ass wooden Dojo Ken Masters bio (Newly posted) Post n start
  9. Akuma

    [NW] Ken Masters | God Fist

    "Whew. Let's turn the damn heat up!!!" Basic Information | 基本情報 Name: Ken Masters Nickname: God Fist Gender: Male Age: 26 Clan: Yamanaka Looks | 見える Ken is most easily recognized by his yellow sparring gloves and bright red gi with the sleeves neatly removed, similar to...
  10. Akuma

    [Nin] [Orientation] Anime Angelv

    Post here and we'll begin
  11. Akuma

    [CJ] Trading

  12. Akuma

    (Open) Official 2

    Range: 15m | Location: Grasslands | Terrain: Open Fields | Time: 2dys Biography Estarossa - Jounin - 160 | 1600
  13. Akuma

    [Open] Official

    Range: 15m | Location: Grasslands | Terrain: Open Fields | Time: 2dys Biography Estarossa - Jounin - 160 | 1600
  14. Akuma

    [Closed] Mind vs body

    All out Official In an underground lab kinda like Orochimaru's places. Can be broken out of with a A-rank technique, leading to a plain open field. Using Estarossa
  15. Akuma

    [CJ] Advanced fistycuffs with my main Saiyan

    Yo Geets
  16. Akuma

    [HA] Yamanaka

    Waits for LA
  17. Akuma

    OPEN up this can of -

    Kaos R&R All out Mid Range Unofficial/Official Open Streets of a random village Post a bio and I'll start to rp. Bio:
  18. Akuma

    Estarossa | Demon of Love

    "We can kill each other to our hearts content!!!" Basic Information | 基本情報 Name: Estarossa Nickname: The Love Gender: Male Age: 26 Clan: Yamanaka Looks | 見える Estarossa is a very tall and muscular man and wears a blue longcoat with silver gauntlets and boots. He has silver...
  19. Akuma

    [Nin] Loki

    Waits for L
  20. Akuma

    [CJ] With the Priest

    Waits for him to arrive with his scroll of secrets