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  1. Roboartist

    Gaara's Cruelty

  2. Roboartist

    Bloodlust (original artwork)

    Ah, so like the coloring? It's meant to be 2D, but I guess by the way I colored it and shaded it looks like I was going for 3D. I might do a B&W version with hatching only at some point.
  3. Roboartist

    Bloodlust (original artwork)

    How so?
  4. Roboartist

    Bloodlust (original artwork)

  5. Roboartist

    Konan and Kimimaro Team-Up

  6. Roboartist

    Faye Valentine (fan art)

    Original artwork
  7. Roboartist

    Naruto Manga-Like (Original) Artwork

    Current WIP, Naruto/Halo crossover art. This will be part of a larger picture with Sasuke and a background.
  8. Roboartist

    Naruto Manga-Like (Original) Artwork

    Working on my own. But I hate keeping promises so I guess that's all I'll say for now. In the mean-time I will be providing samples from the works.
  9. Roboartist

    Naruto Manga-Like (Original) Artwork

    I've been on the scene of drawing Naruto over this past year and here are a few examples of what I do, as well as other stuff. Hope you like em :) Deviant Art Other stuff If anyone is curious, I also have plans of starting a spin-off manga with Kishi's original style in mind.