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  1. Demon

    Do you think pineapple belong to Pizza?

    When I was a kid I ate a pizza called Hawaii, it had pineapples on it, and it was great.
  2. Demon

    Is it me?

    The only reason I read is cus of lose ends. I skip all the talk between Kawakii and Boruto.
  3. Demon

    What is worse? Bad personality or bad policy?

    I actually think personality is more important than it migjt seem in this context.
  4. Demon

    Corrupt a wish game

    You are sent out without a suit. I wish to time travel forward in time and then back again.
  5. Demon

    Will Kawakii actually turn evil?

    Or is Jigen the real enemy? Like will Jigen take over his body and that scene is really Jigen fighting Boruto not Kawakii?
  6. Demon

    [Predictions] Sasuke killed by jigen

    No I don't want him to die xD
  7. Demon

    About the latest chapter

  8. Demon

    [Discussion] Do you think not accepting Incest is the same as not accepting Homosexuality?

    No, incest is disgusting on another level and probably psychological, homosexuality is something biological and even if people find it disgusting it's not the same.
  9. Demon

    Whats your favorite filler arcs in the Naruto anime

    All the Itachi stuff was interesting to flesh out that stuff.
  10. Demon

    [Discussion] Who is your favourite anime character, and why?

    I like characters that are both good and evil.
  11. Demon

    Hi,Koko des

    Good to meet you.
  12. Demon

    my biggest problems wit teh Boroto chaptar 35..

    Wake me up when Kawakii turns evil.
  13. Demon

    NarutoVerse Characaters in other Media

  14. Demon

    NarutoVerse Characaters in other Media

    I never look at my threads so I don't know.
  15. Demon

    NarutoVerse Characaters in other Media

    Obv paralelles to Itachi would be Adrian Veidt in Watchmen or Ras Al Ghul in BB.
  16. Demon

    Do you change your mind often?

    I change my opinions from time to time I have noticed.
  17. Demon

    Who is currently the most active member here?

    I think he makes the most threads but I don't know if he is the most active.
  18. Demon

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Some Disney music.
  19. Demon

    What is worse? Bad personality or bad policy?

    If a person is crazy, and that person also is a leader that does a lot of weird stuff. Are people more against the stuff he does or the way he acts? I can imagine it being tougher to be against policies, cus people might have different opinions and it's harder to argue your point of view. But...
  20. Demon

    Post your favourite song

    I'm such a weeb xD.