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    [HA] Peacock

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    [Nin] Monkey

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    [KG] Hyuga

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    [Approved] Patty and Liz

    Basic Information Name: Patricia | Elizabeth Nickname: Patty | Liz Gender: Female | Female Age: Unknown Clan: Soma no Ko Looks: Patty: She has chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs and light blue eyes. Liz is taller and thinner than Patty. Liz: Liz has dirty blonde hair that...
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    [Approved] Kaldur' Ahm

    Basic Information Name: Kaldurl' Ahm Nickname: Aqualad | Kal | Kaldur Gender: Male Age: Unknown Clan: Hozuki Looks: Kaldur'ahm is an Atlantean with light blond hair cut at the bottom, deep brown skin, pale green eyes, high cheekbones, and a lean build. He possesses black, eel-like tattoos that...
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    [NW] Gwen Tennyson

    Basic Information Name: Gwendolyn Tennyson Nickname: Gwen Gender: Female Age: Unknown Clan: Hyuga Looks: Gwen has log red hair that hands partially down her back. She has green eyes and wears a red shirt with a black vest over it with gray/blue like slacks. Her other attire is she wears a...
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    [KG] Sharingan - GodItachi

    GodItachi waits
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    God Itachi

    God's Throne
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    [Nin] [Orientation] - GodItachi

    God Itachi
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    God Itachi

    Basic Information Name: God Itachi Nickname: Gender: Male Age: 6 Clan: Uchiha Looks: God tachi in his casual clothes consisted of a black shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back, bandages around his ankles, and black sandals. He wore tan pants with a weapons pouch strapped to his back...