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  1. Devil90

    Was this out of character from Saskey?!?!?

    because Sasuke will return
  2. Devil90

    Chunin exam

    Sasuke was in control of curse seal. The only thing thst would mind happened is to kill Yoroi. If he would have used curse seal he would have be disqulified,while Naruto was using kyuubi chakra similar to curse seal and still wasnt disqulified.
  3. Devil90

    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Whats going on?
  4. Devil90

    Lipinuv's gender!!!!...

    ok this is interesting,say
  5. Devil90

    Rinnegan DNA

    You forgot to mention rabbit form.Where it comes from?
  6. Devil90

    Rinnegan DNA

    why am i on ignoreliste if i may know?
  7. Devil90

    Rinnegan DNA

    what about chakra control?
  8. Devil90

    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    No but i prefer computer version i was the best when i used to play
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    Thanks for the answer
  10. Devil90

    Shinobi you think our time have passed? Naruto...
  11. Devil90

    What song are you listening to right now?

  12. Devil90

    [Spoilers] Boruto Chapter 56 is out

    Thanks a lot
  13. Devil90

    [Discussion] Boruto chapter 56 : WHO TEH FVVCK IS AIDA!!??!!!..

    you iz angry me iz crying - choose
  14. Devil90

    [Spoilers] Boruto Chapter 56 is out

    Is there a site to read Boruto manga?
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    Seeing the thread i dont wanna cry at all
  16. Devil90

    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Cool! I like surprises!
  17. Devil90

    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Can you also do something with my signature?
  18. Devil90

    [Discussion] Boruto chapter 56 : WHO TEH FVVCK IS AIDA!!??!!!..

    hi you - you cant speak till me say so : )