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  1. Tantriskert

    favorite video games

    There are many to list. Dota Pokemon Pubg Minecraft (pocket edition from apknite) Super Mario Run Kingdom Hearts 3
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    :0 What was the most recent movie you've watched?

    Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train is out on every free streaming site guys! Enjoy!
  3. Tantriskert

    Anyone else hate Bakugou?

    Agreed, he looks like the boar guy in Kimetsu no Yaiba. A war freak, grumpy little kid but an honest one. I'm sure his character will become better in the future.
  4. Tantriskert

    [Question] Manga search

    I was about to search for it, then I read the other comments lol. Congratulations on finding it, I never thought it would be that old.
  5. Tantriskert

    Looking for friendly advice...

    The CDC does pack some advice from their articles. The link you shared had it all. Thanks for sharing.
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    Looking for friendly advice...

    Anxiety comes from thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious. Best way to start dealing with it is by learning about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Getting out in nature helps the brain a lot, especially when dealing with depression and anxiety. Cutting down on screentime, helps the brain...
  7. Tantriskert

    [Discussion] Kaidou’s debt to big mom

    That's as close as we're gonna get. I hope Eiichiro Oda would enlighten us more on this.
  8. Tantriskert

    [Predictions] God ussopp is gonna get stronger on the next few chapters

    Is armament snot counted? :whistle:
  9. Tantriskert

    [Predictions] God ussopp is gonna get stronger on the next few chapters

    That would quite give usopp an advantage whenever he picks his nose.
  10. Tantriskert

    For the indian members

    Isn't it the other way around? Lots of people from all over the world migrate to any EU countries, no doubt Indians is one.
  11. Tantriskert

    How things are going on your area?

    Daily confirmed cases have reached an all-time peak which led to another nation-wide lockdown for the entirety of November. Masks are mandatory in all interior and outside areas. We coped with the 1st wave of infections surprisingly well, but a large portion of the population apparently was sick...
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    Best anime op & ed of summer 2020

    Hi @Animegen may I know the soundtrack you used at the start of your video? It sounds awesome!
  13. Tantriskert

    Boruto Wind Style Rasengan

    Why boruto’s wind style rasengan not a rasenshuriken?
  14. Tantriskert

    Boruto Wind Style Rasengan

    I believe everyone tackled the comparison of abilities very well. Boruto has had the luxury of a stable environment and the opportunity to learn under great trainers. On the flip side, he grew up in a time of peace so that dulls his battle senses and discipline.
  15. Tantriskert

    [Theory] what if itachi choozed orochimaro as partner to help him wipe out a uchiha clan????..

    Haha yeah, I'm sure they would just kill each other on the spot than teaming up.
  16. Tantriskert

    [Theory] The 6 Sages of Path and how 2 (or more) Sages of 6 Paths emerged

    I'm pretty sure they just have a lot of chakra to heal themselves...
  17. Tantriskert

    [Question] do u think there would've still been a 4th shinobi world war if Rin didn't die????..

    Oh pretty much yes and I want it to be YES. More action more fun!
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    What's the your favorite anime premise?

    Hunter X Hunter. All is good in this anime.
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    Some drama manga i recommend

    I've watched those some you mentioned. And the feels are epic. :(