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    I'm raising money to give Minamoto Grammarly

    Grammarly is free. lol
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    [Suggestion] Edit Permission

    Give thread creators in the GFX Shop section edit permissions so that they can regularly update the first post regarding their shops. Kind of wierd that this feature is not in the section.
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    Rohan's GFX Shop

    I have subscribed to this thread so I will be notified by email if you post a request here. So even if I am not active, always consider the shop to be open.
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    Is anyone still actively on the site since it started in 2008?

    You have time travelled to the future.
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    Rohan's GFX Shop

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    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Here it is.
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    Rohan's GFX Shop

    You are welcome.
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    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Here it is.
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    Rohan's GFX Shop

    Yes, it can be done.
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    I was lied too.

    Just wow.
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    [Discussion] Boruto chapter 56 : WHO TEH FVVCK IS AIDA!!??!!!..

    She is a huge Sakura fan on this forum
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    Lipinuv's gender!!!!...

    ----> MINA SOLOED!!!!
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    You can play smartphone games, record them and post them on Youtube.
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    [Question] Legitimacy Of The Naruto RP

    I do not want to be a mod on a barely active forum. :hs:
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    [Question] Legitimacy Of The Naruto RP

    We all have this complaint from the beginning of time. lol
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    Avatar Request

    Do you like it?
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    Avatar Request

    It will be better if you pick an image you like.