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  1. Demon

    I'm raising money to give Minamoto Grammarly

  2. Demon

    I'm raising money to give Minamoto Grammarly

    I'm sry I couldn't resist!
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    I'm raising money to give Minamoto Grammarly

    Anyone wanna send me some USD? about 10 per person would be nice. This is totally not a scam I promise.
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    Energy and Genetics . . .

    Ok so, yes the new generation has Hax powers, while Hashi and they basically lived in the survival of the fittest, wild west, rule of jungle etc. I don't think genetic manipulation per se will be the end of shinobi but hax powers is definitely part of it. If people can like to purchase fricken...
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    Energy and Genetics . . .

    Im gonna read this, at some point, and then come back.
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    Rinnegan DNA

    :th-007: :th-007: :th-007:
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    Is Boruto Sasuke's replacement?

    More like successor.
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    Rinnegan DNA

    Ehm..ok it was devil90.
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    Rinnegan DNA

    My God I can't tell what is fan fiction or not anymore.
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    Could any single clan defeat the Ten Tailed Beast?

    I thought you meant any beast, but no not that one.
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    Naruto seems tired, also thanks for sharing I missed that part.
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    [Debate] Do you think Kpop is significantly more influential and a better musical genre than american pop music?

    I mean maybe, I think it depends on who you ask, I think in some circles it's bigger, in others it's not.
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    [Discussion] one problem i have wit blackbeard as villain in one piece Manga/Anime...

    I hope Blackbeard doesn't get backstabbed by a space goddess.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    fn insurance companies..
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    Tell me about a difficult situation you had to face and how you managed to overcome it

    I got help is the short answer to the times I can think of.
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    [Discussion] Boruto chapter 56 : WHO TEH FVVCK IS AIDA!!??!!!..

    The power levels are weird. I still miss Kurama. Cyborgs I think are a metaphor for the industrial revolution of japan. I still dislike rinnegan hands. I guess it's nice they expand the plot with karma and stuff. I do'nt know,
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    [Discussion] One piece chapter 1010 Luffy Vs Kaido...

    No, I don't have the energy to do it.
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    When the music is gone . . .

    I know John Krasinsky was like Jack Ryan and stuff but I still can't think of him as anyone but Jim.
  19. Demon

    I'm not dead

    I would be lying if I said the thought had not occurred to me.
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    I'm not dead

    I totally managed to get help and clean up the apartment and change the locks today, nobody was home. So it was perfect, I'm lucky. None of the people that were written were there. If you look them up online they are all convicted criminals. But they must have run off somewhere cus they haven't...