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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    Lena places her hand on the blade of the Mechas sword from it's shoulder and fuels it with dark chakra, creating an absorbing dark blade augmented by the Blade the D.E.V.A wields, it leaps forward as the Dragon reforms again stronger and performs a vertical slash up the dragon's long body. The...
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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    The Dragon reforms in front of Lena and her mecha. She performs two hand seals and from her mouth releases a large sphere made entirely of wind that tears through the air until it hits the dragon, crushing against it; though it still does some damage the Dragon clearly has a built up resistance...
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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    Of course Lena had to fight the Dragon, this time it respawned quickly to try to get the edge on her; it's coiling massive body wrapped around her and the mech. She quickly performed a series of four hand seals and takes a deep breath, expelling several blades of wind at different angles as she...
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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    Again the Dragon begins to reform after it's Heavy Defeat. Before it can rise up to take a looming stance or perform an attack against Lena she fires a flame at it aimed for it's head which hits and spread; wildly around it's head, burning and blinding the dragon. It roars frustrated and writhes...
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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    The defeated dragon was not done, as one is defeated another is generated stronger than before. It looms above her and the large mech with it's long neck and lanky head. "Is this going to be a repetitive cycle or what?" She said as she looked up at the newly reformed dragon that glared down...
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    [GRPT] Round 1 - Never

    Lena stood in the presence of a mighty beast that she was tasked with defeating; over & over until she had proved herself. The Dragon roared a ferocious roar. She was prepared, with her personal summon on the field flying above the air already and her Inner Daemons writhing within her body. The...
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    Open official fight

    Pretty easy check considering you admitted to the mistake yourself in VM's Zat. You realise you're a sensei yourself, right? Act like one. Anyway, clearly the wrong technique usage as this is reserved for Sumire/Nue bios. If you had just settled your differences and continued letting LGeezy go...
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    [NW] Genji, Dragon of the North

    He tryna be slick but it aint work
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    [NW] Genji, Dragon of the North

    Nawww, Mercy & Tracer >>>>>> How you postin this in the approved section
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    [NW] Genji, Dragon of the North

    Yeah but Mercy
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    👑👑 Grand Roleplay Tournament 👑👑

    Name: Never Bio: Lena CJ Thread: Scroll of the Lonely Assassin Village (if any. If none, write WSE Clan or N/A): N/A
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    Death's Domain

    A mocha skinned woman, exotic looking clothes, jewelry and the like has stumbled into the domain of death, piercings dotted over her face miniscule and subtle. She was quite a character, a storyteller. A smile on her face and a dark secret. She looked for death.
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    [NW] Neon Perfection.

    This is really cool
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Literally just this. Plus I hate having so many tabs open and I have lots already, so I keep it minimal where I can.
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    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    @Howard @Shinta @Pyro NB Sorry for Late Response. Lena had been a listening for a while about what had been talked about, she thought and stewed on the conversations that were had. Though there was a sudden urgency when Vegeta returned, telling of a skirmish that seemingly had erupted near one...
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    [CLOSED] Never v Shinta

    Lena readies herself for battle against a powerful adversary. She bites her thumb and performs a unique ritual, swiping it on her barnacle tattoo and her dark marks on her palms she summons barnacles which infuse their chakra with the marks. Whilst she does this, her Sharingan passively...
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    Kumi Exchange Center

    Name : Never Kumi Wagered: No Link to Battle: Outcome of the Battle: TL WIN Approved for 250
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    [Closed] - Zeref vs Pyke

    Agreed with Riker, confirming capture
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    [CJ] Never say never say never again

    These are the Jussu. No Questions. Any Questions?