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    Now that the Naruto franchise is dead, buried and forgotten..

    It's up to One Piece to succeed where Naruto failed. Dragon Ball still holds the crown as the world's most popular anime/manga. One Piece holds the crown as Asia's most popular anime/manga. If One Piece can just take off in the western market, it will surely surpass DBZ. Do you think OP has...
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    Naruto The Last Movie is gonna be terrible :)

    When will you idiots learn? This franchise is dog shit. Naruto chapter 699-700 is among some of the worst chapters ever. And now people are hoping this movie can make up for that. Too bad it can't. The more the rumors are spread, the more it become more apparent that there isn't much to look...
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    What exactly is "canon"?

    While Kishimoto is the author of Naruto, there is no denying the influence his editor has had over him. Kishimoto himself has openly admitted to accepting his editors decisions. A lot of people run around here taking Kishimoto's word as gospel, but the truth is that some decisions were not even...
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    Final chapter was dog sh*t

    What a boring chapter. Yawn. But who cares. This crappy manga is finally over!!! And lol at the One Piece symbol being stamped on Naruto's head.
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    Why Naruto has short hair

    Before writing Naruto, Kishimoto created a manga called "Mario". He wants Naruto to resemble him.
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    (Spoiler) Sasuke is looking for Itachi

    I highly doubt this is true. Can someone translate?
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    Behold the Final Chapter of the Saga It's almost over. And it's only a matter of time before the databooks are translated. Once all the scans are out in english, NarutoBase will reach its peak activity before people start realizing they're just wasting time here. The movie may keep a few...
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    What happened to Naruto's muscle mass?

    Before: After: A change for the worse.
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    What will happen next?

    Most people here fail when it comes to predictions, so here's your penultimate chance to get it right. After the next chapter is released, this thread will be bumped to see who won and lost (unless the Mods delete/lock).
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    Sasuke fights like a girl

    Did anyone notice this parallel? :rolleyes: HeG8_ZB9PvU
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    Can Kaguya use Itachi's Tsukuyomi?

    What do you guys think; can we give her this feat? She can use Infinite Tsukuyomi, but what about the below Tsukuyomi? It would been an easy way to dispose of Naruto/Sasuke. (Of course plot would have restricted her from using it)
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    So in the end, Naruto failed to surpass DBZ

    It's time for Naruto fans to deal with the fact that Naruto will never reach the same plateau as DBZ. DBZ still holds crown as the most popular anime/manga -- known globally by kids and adults. Even after the series stopped, it still continues to be popular with DBZ-themes appearing in games...
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    Why is Hiruzen not in the new intro?

    All Edo Hokages except Hiruzen were shown in the first 5 seconds: If Hiruzen is so great, why was he left out? :rolleyes: I want to hear the answer from a Hiruzen fanboy.
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    Naruto vs. Sasuke (spoiler?)

    Check out the first 30 seconds. Do you think this will happen at the end of their fight?
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    Why does Kishi keep giving Itachi fanboys AMMUNITION?!

    Latest chapter was borderline unreadable. Itachi wank after Itachi wank coming from BOTH SIDES!!! Seriously considered dropping the manga. I thought this was about Naruto and not Itachi? And if Kishi loves psychos so much, where are the flashbacks about Hidan? Might have to quit the forums...
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    Itachi is to blame. Read it and weep fapboys

    Naruto learned from Itachi's words, whereas Sasuke learned from Itachi's life. Unfortunately, they arrived at two different conclusions and now they are locked in this battle of ideals. If Itachi just educated Sasuke a little bit this could have all been prevented. But nope. Even when begging...
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    People are STILL talking about Itachi?

    I was right about this place: ALL of you are Itachi wankers (including the so-called "haters") And the list goes on. When will you retards stop preaching about this psychopath?
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    Kotoamatsukami is more powerful than Infinite Tsukuyomi (Kishi fail)

    When Madara used Infinite Tsukuyomi, none of the Edo Tensei were affected: But when Itachi used KA here, he was able to overwrite the Edo Tensei: It's also possible to be aware of reality under the effects of Infinite Tsukuyomi: Whereas a normal Tsukuyomi overwhelms you in an instant: I...
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    HATRED will never end on these forums

    This manga is all about stopping the cycle of hatred, so why is everyone fighting on the forums? Have you people learned NOTHING?
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    Lettuce be cereal

    Does anyone actually believe Sasuke will succeed with his plans?