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  1. Karui.

    [NW] ☪ La Luna de Las Noches ☪

    Uhhhhh okay then.
  2. Karui.

    [NW] ☪ La Luna de Las Noches ☪

    Thanks Shady. Are you referring to abilities or the template? Or both?
  3. Karui.

    [NW] ☪ La Luna de Las Noches ☪

    Basic Information Name: Yasha Otsutsuki Age: 122 Nickname: La Luna, Yasha the Eternal Slumberer Clan: Otsutsuki Gender: Female Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Looks: Yasha is a tall and slender woman, dark in skin color. Her hair is not white like the rest of her family's and clan's however...
  4. Karui.

    Akumi Nekura

    Basic Information Name: Akumi Nekura Age: 21 Nickname: Akumi of the Violent Fist Clan: Nekura (Paladin) Gender: Female Alignment: Chaotic Evil Looks: Akumi usually wears a dark-colored gi with the sleeves removed; it is often blue, black, or gray, but varies depending on what Akumi...
  5. Karui.

    [NW] Shirō Emiya ⚔ Hero of Justice

    I mean, it’s okay.
  6. Karui.

    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Yes. It was remade into OP RP.
  7. Karui.

    Killer B vs Jugo

    Oooo now this is a really good one with a well-restricted B. I want to say with the stipulations in place, Jugo actually wins mid diff. 1614526820 You are very disrespectful for no reason. It’s kind of weird and off putting. I’ve never seen anyone on this site get as disrespectful over debates...
  8. Karui.

    [VS] Sasori (Naruto) vs Deidara (Naruto)

    Offense* but how is that “lol worthy”? It’s a stomp. Sasori is pseudo immortal. Iron sand has plenty of capabilities. One being sniping Deidara right off one of his constructs. Sasori can also fly so you saying Deidara can fly is irrelevant. He won’t be able to keep distance and Sasori could...
  9. Karui.

    [NW] Ryoumen Sukuna

    I’ll shove my shinobi sandal so far up your arse you’ll be able to taste the material it’s made out of young man. Sit down please.
  10. Karui.

    [NW] Ryoumen Sukuna

    Okay bet. On god we’ll snuff this dude. We don’t steal bios around here.
  11. Karui.

    [NW] Ryoumen Sukuna

    Want to jump him when he touches down in the NW?
  12. Karui.

    [NW] Ryoumen Sukuna

    Who’s alts is this?
  13. Karui.

    My newer works (Mostly Naruto)

    That’s beautiful, man. Nice. Love the purple hue on the smoke. Vibrant.
  14. Karui.

    Hello everyone

    Okay bet.
  15. Karui.

    Hello everyone

    I have no idea how that game works to play.
  16. Karui.

    Shinki vs Kawaki

    I'm not sure. Iron sand is so versatile and Shinki is a child prodigy and near genius, almost like Shikamaru at that age. Only thing Kawaki has is his Karma seal (?) and the only useful thing coming from that against Shinki is Space/Time nin and that won't do much. A very much achievable Iron...
  17. Karui.

    Hello everyone

    Welcome bro. Join the RP. It's lit. Also join some debates. It's lit.
  18. Karui.

    [CE] Perfume Release with Lili

    Understood. Next I would like to learn this one: