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  1. salamander uchiha


    I read it differntly, because he let Hima die.
  2. salamander uchiha

    [Discussion] Naruto's entrance in the war arc was poorly written

    Yes, Naruto should never have been allowed to enter. Even if he was he shouldn't have magically gained 1000times Kurama chakra reserves. The whole thing was handled very poorly, even Kurama becoming his friend. To Naruto being able to form cloaks for everybody in the alliance and it being able...
  3. salamander uchiha

    Vessel vs Jinchuriki

    Who knows with this level of writing.
  4. salamander uchiha

    EMS Sasuke vs Edo Itachi and KCM Naruto

    Itachi wins on his own, Naruto is dead weight here. Itachi shouldn't be included in any match up against EMS Sasuke otherwise it's an Insta L for the latter.
  5. salamander uchiha

    Sarada was the best thing about this chapter

    Apart from the legs, her thirsty ***** clothing with pose and D craving, what did you find good about her? The chapter was being rushed and forced, too many missing details.
  6. salamander uchiha

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Discussion and 35 Predictions

    Kishi's presence ended especially considering the females are portrayed like thirsty sluts. And most other characters are near non existent or marginalised. Boruto ass pulls too much, and the story style and saviour complex has already been overdone.
  7. salamander uchiha

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Discussion and 35 Predictions

    I don't know Minamoto San just disappeared, I guess he did. Yeah, you should critique it when you get a chance. Boruto was lost from chapter one, literally ass pulls and hand outs. The hype died down quite quickly as everything was happening just because plot demanded it. I had hope for it to...
  8. salamander uchiha

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Discussion and 35 Predictions

    Don't know the market value, but the sales have been on a significant downward trend. I don't know about improvement it's more like forced forward movement. Even Boruto getting happy that Kawaki's going to train with Naruto, even though he would get salty over it. As for KK, the guy's dialogue...
  9. salamander uchiha

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Discussion and 35 Predictions

    It was an average chapter with some character development. A little too forced and rushed for my liking. Sarada's been reduced to just fan service. Naruto was clearly lucky Delta didn't have infinite absorption, you would expect tech to have been developed up to that level, but no.
  10. salamander uchiha

    Has any convo moment ever topped what Naruto told Neji?

    Boy how Naruto was wrong, his entire story turned out to be about destiny. I think manipulation moments have been superior, like Madara convincing a good person to become the saviour of the world.
  11. salamander uchiha


    Showing the two types of rotations available to the Hyuga.
  12. salamander uchiha

    About me (very short)

    This, and welcome.
  13. salamander uchiha

    Just finished 'Erased'

    Did you enjoy it?
  14. salamander uchiha

    [BREAKING NEWS] R.I.P. Quasimodo

    Another stop knocked off of my continental tour.
  15. salamander uchiha

    Just finished 'Erased'

    Definitely worth a watch, although they never addressed the origin of the butterfly effect. I was blown away when I saw the girl in the end(don't want to spoil anything for those who are currently watching).
  16. salamander uchiha

    Does Rinne Rebirth really kill the user?

    Yes, it's sort of like a trade off jutsu.
  17. salamander uchiha

    Whats your thoughts on YouTube removing comments on underage videos

    50/50 l if they wanted to really do something they should out right prohibit them from having a YouTube account. And yes I get pretty random suggestions as well.
  18. salamander uchiha

    [Discussion] Is killer B alive ?

    What Berlecluka said.
  19. salamander uchiha

    Julian Assange is arrested

    Free Asange!!!
  20. salamander uchiha

    Who could take a barrage of Sekizo?

    Anybody with an avatar form, anybody hiding in Katsyu and Katsyu.