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  1. HowDidIGetPrem

    Has any convo moment ever topped what Naruto told Neji?

    Back in the Chuunin exams when Naruto told Neji about how he defied destiny? Chapter 104
  2. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] Naruto's entrance in the war arc was poorly written

    It's not like he had to be given a super compelling reason to let Naruto loose. His only alternative at that point was going through Tsunade, Bee, and Naruto. Anyways, I think it makes sense. He learned that Minato intended for Naruto to defeat Madara, so it was really a question of whether he...
  3. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Discussion and 35 Predictions

    I wonder what replaces the hand after Naruto's dealt with. It's obscured in chapter 1. & I guess Delta is actually way weaker than thought. Breaking that machine is all it takes.
  4. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 225 Discussion and 226 Predictions

    The interviewer is crazier than Toga
  5. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 202 Discussion and 203 Predictions

    I just hope the demon stops that weird laugh
  6. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] One Piece Manga Chapter 940 Discussion and 941 Predictions

    Yasu is Roger. It's why he's always smiling in his grim situation. He's simply shrunk like the other old people. Once the arc is over, he'll drink milk then recover his tooth and reveal his true form.
  7. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] Anyone wanna still say I'll be wrong?

    Me. She'll be Luffy's final test in his training montage.
  8. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] Add a strawhat

    A, Kaku B, Bon
  9. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] Sanji vs Shanks

    Shanks only has one hand while Sanji has two legs, which are stronger than hands, so easily Sanji
  10. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Question] How will Luffy utilize the new level of Armament?

    armament complimented boundman's strong point, futuresight complimented snakeman's, and conquerors has nothing to give yet. I think Luffy will use this haki to "attack" himself and create a new form. With boundman we could see him compress himself, and this new haki should allow him to take that...
  11. HowDidIGetPrem

    About me (very short)

    what did you do to get banned so many times?
  12. HowDidIGetPrem

    Whats your thoughts on YouTube removing comments on underage videos

    Doesn't really matter. It's just a method for them to put less resources in actually moderating, and it's hard to care that children won't have comment sections for their videos. Or... I thought before I actually checked it out. Content made by children don't automatically have their comment...
  13. HowDidIGetPrem

    Does Rinne Rebirth really kill the user?

    It shouldn't. If Pain could revive multiple people, why should anyone die when reviving a single person?
  14. HowDidIGetPrem

    Game of Thrones Season 8 discussion

    Part of the dragon's death was due to Jon not returning to the others fast enough. They could've left sooner than they did but Jon was so caught up in his own battle that he failed to hear the others calling him. Yeah, the only thing that restricts Jon is his morals. If you replace his own with...
  15. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 939 Discussion and 940 Predictions

    I doubt it. I don't remember fishman karate well, but wasn't it just throwing around water opposed to blasts of air?
  16. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 939 Discussion and 940 Predictions

    Chapter 743, but it's not invisible. The way he spoke does imply that it's not just regular armament haki though.
  17. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] where do you rate prime Grandpa Hyou ?

    But Oden could put down multiple gangs and unite them under himself. He has to be at least that powerful for multiple people like Ashura(who can fight Jack) to join him. If they were willing to unite under him, there was nothing stopping the favorable alternative of uniting against him aside...
  18. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Discussion] Is killer B alive ?

    He faked his death and is currently hiding on an island in the Caribbeans like all the other mia rap gods.
  19. HowDidIGetPrem

    Seven deadly sins

    I couldn't bother to actually read the panels once the original demon appeared. All of it was horrible to me. Every single thing felt forced.
  20. HowDidIGetPrem

    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 224 Discussion and 225 Predictions

    Maybe they have top 20 heroes as well. If they're all for freeing quirks, there's a chance that some of the heroes they have were allowed to train their quirks more extensively and sooner than others.