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  1. InfiniteMugen

    Seven deadly sins

    Yea a few of those og demons(I think they’re like 3 or 4 that pop up throughout the group of chapters) where jus kinda.... ok like I feel we needed more to set these guys up. I loved the whole purgatory line, I liked ban vs dk/Mel but the rest was so bleh for such a good manga
  2. InfiniteMugen

    this is 100% accurate

    I feel like it’s iffy. Itachi would have the punching power of a stuffed animal in the dbz world, but they’ve got nothing for genjutsu. That being said, if he fights both, he’s done, as a.) no one isn’t gonna notice those eyes, and b.) once he gets one, the other will have figured it out. Even...
  3. InfiniteMugen

    Seven deadly sins

    Anyone else feel like they where doing pretty good right up until the demon king fight? I feel the resolution is kinda rushed, is it just me? What about Arthur man...
  4. InfiniteMugen

    SSJ2 Gohan vs Majin vegeta

    Exactly this, gokus ssj2 form matched vegetas ssj2 amped up on babidis magic. A lot of people forget majin vegeta is just ssj2 vegeta with a power bump. Both are stronger than cell ssj2 gohan as hinted at by vegeta, and both would absolute shit stomp buu saga ssj2 gohan Op, majin vegeta would...
  5. InfiniteMugen

    Who’s the third strongest?

    I remember the scene, but there’s no context for it. It’s just a look and basically Feeling the chakra? We haven’t seen anything suggesting kawaki can sense on that level, might just be a gut feeling kinda deal.
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    Who’s the third strongest?

    I’d go with jigen, just based purely on the fact that kawaki still thought that naruto MIGHT be as strong as jigen after seeing him in his mode
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    When Sasuke saves everyone in the next chapter

    That’s cute people are still up for this after all this time, is the chapter out yet?
  8. InfiniteMugen

    Is Naruto Dead?

    For a lot of the original naruto fans yes, it’s dead
  9. InfiniteMugen

    So is delta an android?

    Android 18 confirmed
  10. InfiniteMugen

    VOTE 1 Fight

    This brings me back to oro and jiraiyas convo about nardo and sauce. About how how sauce is easy and already a genius, and how he’d rather train naruto and his reason
  11. InfiniteMugen

    What akatsuki members could sakura beat on her own

    Lol I forgot how people actually thought hidan was anywhere near kakashis level
  12. InfiniteMugen

    USA gymnastics files for bankruptcy

    There are NUMEROUS reasons nothing had been done yet, from people turning a blind eye higher up. To athletes scared to lose everything by saying anyrhing. It’s extremely sad that these athletes had to deal with this’ as part of being a “world class athlete”. It shames our country tbh
  13. InfiniteMugen

    **Release dates DBS Broly**

    Is that cam rip literally like the only version available now? I’ve seen it on numerous sites. Loved it, a lil disappointed how long it takes to get going but the duo have dope ass fights against broly, ssb wasn’t overused, and vegeta didn’t get shamed!
  14. InfiniteMugen

    [Discussion] Masashi Kishimoto's new manga

    I feel like it’s the other way around.... Op: it’s got the word samurai in the title, I’ll check it out, plus if the dude gives it half the love he gave pt1 naruto it’ll be good
  15. InfiniteMugen

    They’re animating the other 3 novels

    Fair enough, not around much anymore
  16. InfiniteMugen

    They’re animating the other 3 novels

    Title, just thought I’d share. It’s either good for you or more stuff to hold off actual plot content in the anime
  17. InfiniteMugen

    [Spoilers] Boruto manga chapter 30 in Korean

    But alas I finally have, especially when nothing is revealed, that’s just bad writing through and through, we’ve had no major developments in the manga for about 3 issues.... that’s not a big deal until you realize it’s 3 months and what, 40 pages a pop? I’m all for defending something if it’s...
  18. InfiniteMugen

    [Spoilers] Boruto manga chapter 30 in Korean

    Haven’t we been like 3 months on this vase already? Yea I’m done, this shit sucks
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    What are the top 5 taijutsu fighters in k12

    Ok so if we’re not restricting anything what exactly can he do to her? Anyhow, Strictly from watching and seeing her taijutsu, as opposed to his, he gets shit stomped.
  20. InfiniteMugen

    What are the top 5 taijutsu fighters in k12

    And that’s fine, but he has never shown any kind of maneuverability anywhere near that level outside of butterfly mode, and for all we know shika was including that when he made that statement. Even if sakura can’t hit as hard, she’s right below him. A smallish disparity in power doesn’t...