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  1. TheAncientCenturion

    [VS] Gai versus Deidara [Restricted]

    Might Gai versus Deidara! Alright, since I know Deidara normally loses, thought I'd make it interesting. Sorta inspired by the Pein versus Itachi taijutsu thread. Restrictions: Gates, ninjutsu (Bar what is allowed below), flight, suicide bombing, anything! Conditions: Gai has his nun chucks...
  2. TheAncientCenturion

    TheAncientCenturion| The Truth about Doton Domu

    It makes me hard.
  3. TheAncientCenturion

    Onoki & Hiruzen versus Itachi & Kisame

    VS Location: Tenchi Bridge. Distance: Each team is positioned at either end of the bridge. Intel: Full. Stipulations: Hiruzen is an Edo Tensei, though he is missing regeneration. Oonoki won't have back problems during this fight, Itachi's sickness won't effect his performance here.
  4. TheAncientCenturion

    Minato vs Deidara

    Battle of the blondes! @Apex @AkatsukiChurch Location: Sasuke vs. Deidara Distance: Same as Sasuke vs Deidara. Deidara starts on the ground. Intel: Manga; I.E. Minato knows nothing, but can make reasonable assumptions based on Deidara's village. Deidara knows of Minato's high speed movements...
  5. TheAncientCenturion

    Sasori vs Ten Zetsu Clones

    Sasori starts in Hiruko. Ten Zetsu Clones start ready and fresh from the Gedo Statue. Distance: thirty meters. Location: Forest of Death, Sasuke vs Orochimaru Intel: Manga
  6. TheAncientCenturion

    Avatar Request! Crocodile!

    Heey, I have two source images that I'd love to wear as an Avi. Resizing, even after cropping makes it look like shite. I was hoping that someone who's more talented at this than me could give it a whirl. Standard size for Premium, if you could. Thank ya' in advance to anyone who makes one or...
  7. TheAncientCenturion

    [VS] Kakashi vs Kimimaro

    VS Location: Gaara vs Kimimaro Distance: Forty meters Intel: Full Conditions: Kimimaro is healthy, this is Part 1 Kakashi Scenario 2: Kimimaro is healthy, this is early part 2 Kakashi (Kakuzu arc) Kamui restricted. Scenario 3: Kimimaro is an Edo Tensei minus the regen, Kakashi is in...
  8. TheAncientCenturion

    Orochimaru vs Akatsuki (Individually)

    VS Location: The Forest of Death. Each opponent is thirty meters apart, and on the ground where Sakura fought with the Sound Genin. Intel: Full. Conditions: Orochimaru has a zetsu body, and can replicate all of White Zetsu's feats. Manda is alive and willing to work with Orochimaru from...
  9. TheAncientCenturion

    Obito vs Edo Itachi and Nagato

    Location: Obito versus Naruto and Bee (Forest) Distance: Fifty meters Intel: Full for team Edo Tensei. Obito has full intel on everything Itachi displayed against Sasuke. Obito knows all of Pein's abilities, but is not aware of the extent Nagato can use them at. Restrictions: Bijuu, Gedo...
  10. TheAncientCenturion

    Danzo vs Kakuzu

    VS Location: Naruto vs Orochimaru (crater). The battle can extend to the surrounding forest. Distance: Forty meters. Intel: Full. Restriction: KA Conditions: Both are in character, in a random encounter and out to kill each other. Danzo starts with his arm brace unsealed. Scenario 2...
  11. TheAncientCenturion

    3T Kakashi takes the gauntlet.

    Location: Tenchi Bridge and surrounding area. Each opponent stands on either end of the bridge. Intel: Full for both sides. Mindset: IC, to kill. Conditions: Kakashi is healed after each round and has Zabuza's sword. This is War Arc Kakashi. Restrictions: MS, C0, C4. Chameleon summoning...
  12. TheAncientCenturion

    [VS] Beansandcornbread VS Draegod!

    Kisame w/ Samehada vs Zetsu Orochimaru Draegod is defending Orochimaru, Beans is defending Kisame Location: Killer Bee vs Kisame Intel: Full Distance: 35 meters Restrictions: Edo Tensei Judges: To be announced Let's have a fun thread, keep the shit talking to a maximum! No holding back here!
  13. TheAncientCenturion

    Team Muscle versus Team Blindness

    Team Muscle consists of: Whereas Team Blindness is made of the following losers: Location: Interior of turtle island, near the waterfall. But the entire island can be used. Distance: Thirty meters Mindeset: IC Intel: Full for both sides. Conditions: Kakashi is in the same state he...
  14. TheAncientCenturion

    KIFFLOM vs Beansandcornbread2

    Pein Arc SM naruto (KIFFLOM) vs Kisame (Beans) Location: Destroyed Konoha Starting Distance: 40m Intel: Full Intent: To Kill Mindset: IC Restrictions: Frog Song Conditions: Naruto starts with all his boss toads out, and his clones in MT.Myoboku, he also has Ma and Pa with him Judges...
  15. TheAncientCenturion

    Edo Madara versus BM Naruto

    Edo Madara versus BM Naruto Location: Turtle Island Distance: Forty Meters Intel: Full Conditions: Madara has a mastery of the rinnegan on the same level as Nagato. He is unable to regenerate chakra or damage. The Gedo Mazo is restricted. Scenario 2: Naruto can go up to BSM. Scenario 3: Naruto...
  16. TheAncientCenturion

    [VS] Shino versus Konan

    Distance: Thirty meters Location: Where they actually fought, a Konoha alley. Intel: None Mind Set: In character So, who would actually win this time around?
  17. TheAncientCenturion

    Hypothetical Haku rekts the Gauntlet

    Haku has; Third Raikage level reserves Hebi Sasuke reaction time and Speed Danzo's numerous Fuuton (Scaled up w/ Baku) A mastery of all Mei/Zabuza/Tobirama suiton techniques. An ample supply of Senbon. A mastery of Silent killing on par with Zabuza. She will be facing; Deidara (Full Intel...
  18. TheAncientCenturion

    Requesting the help of an apple genius

    So, look. I've got this laptop right next to me. Real nice model, HP. I use it for stuff. A bit of this and that. But, a few months back the image and monitor aren't being displaced correctly. So I take an HDMI cable, plug it into the boob tube and bam! Works. My roommate says it's a loose wire...
  19. TheAncientCenturion

    Obito versus 3 Kage

    Obito versus Mei, Oonoki, and Tsunade. Location is where he Gokage and Madara fought Intel: manga for Obito, full for the Kage. Conditions: Obito has to win in ten minutes, and he cannot warp anyone. The Kage need to either last long enough or kill him to win. Distance: fifty meters
  20. TheAncientCenturion

    [Debate] Itachi vs Orochimaru

    ForbiddenTechnique (Itachi) vs TAC (Orochimaru) Intel: Manga Distance: Forty Meters Location: Kakuzu versus Kakashi and Co. Conditions: Itachi is healthy without any eye deterioration. Orochimaru is in possession of a Zetsu Body and the Kusanagi Blade. Shisui's crow is not present. Manda is...