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  1. prperez

    [Paint.NET] My latest GFX images

    i made most of them with except for the death the kid image which was made with photoshop
  2. prperez

    Help With posting

    ok so i tried to post my gfx banners for my fan club from picasa but they don't show up can anybody help me with this?
  3. prperez

    videozer a good video hosting website

    search videozer in google with naruto shippuden or whatever you want to watch
  4. prperez

    ☁Akatsuki FC☁

    i would like to join can a be a crow clone itachi please :pwease:
  5. prperez

    Minato Namikaze 波風ミナト FC

    i want to join nice pics by the way
  6. prperez

    Profile (Reamped)

    i have made my final profile changes and used new wallpapers (naruto related) i found and i like it it looks beastxd please rate it and post what you think Prperez's Profile
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    My gift to Narutobase

    I spent hours trying to get this to work for you guys so please take the time to look through all of it and please post what what you think of them and also thank me if use any of the wallpapers by the way i didn't make these i found them for free naruto related wall papers for naruto...
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    My First Good Drawing just uploaded

    sorry but i forgot to upload this one first drawing i ever thought was good
  9. prperez

    gif help

    does anybody know how to make a collage of working animated gifs the reason is i want to use 4 square animated gifs with the corners touching and put one in the middle that has no background
  10. prperez

    [Suggestion] Additional Alternative

    I think there should be a Videozer alternative cuz i can only watch videozer but i cant watch anywhere else but i can never find their website and i was wondering if the site maker would consider doing this it would be greatly appreciated Watch Online: Making of It never Ends part1 Watch Online...
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  12. prperez

    ♥ Kakashi Hatake fan club ♥

    Re: ♥ Kakashi Hatake fan club ♥ im in may i join
  13. prperez

    [Update] My fan art

    here it is a new artwork that i just finished i kinda messed up at some places but otherwise its not too bad and i finally got itachi's face to look similar too him and somehow i made sasuke's eyes look american and i wasn't even aiming for that but it looks better on him
  14. prperez

    Sharingan Contacts

    yes why thats not important
  15. prperez

    Sharingan Contacts

    its not wrong section and its a naruto related question
  16. prperez

    Sharingan Contacts

    I need to know where to get itachi's mangekyou sharingan in contacts but i also want to see so must include perscription cuz i wear glasses and itachi doesn't and must be below $100 and must come in a pair (this is for Halloween)
  17. prperez

    Fav music from naruto

    What is your favorite opening, closing or battle music? mine are distance, haruka kanata, heroes come back, heavy violence, lovers by 7 oops, naruto shippuden opening 7, go!! by flow, japanese title (mostly used during fight with zabuza), naruto main theme, go go naruto, battle music, fight for...
  18. prperez

    My birthday

    My birthday is july 11 which is in 5 hours and 23 minutes and so i made this thread to celebrate that if you can rep me and send me a gift cake on my profile thanks hope i have a good birthday if you have the same birthday as me reply here
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    Itachi Jutsus

    i was kinda lazy
  20. prperez

    Itachi Jutsus

    Im going to be Itachi for halloween and i want to get all his jutsus down before then so if you can please list all his jutsus and their hand seals that would be greatly appreaciated