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  1. Chihaya


    nice to meet you. just reply to some forum topics and whatnot and stuff ^-^
  2. Chihaya

    [Question] I need help finding **AMystery** (member)

    sorry but it's a mystery to me 😔
  3. Chihaya

    [Suggestion] Whomever this may concern

    I enjoy the blizzard affect.
  4. Chihaya

    [Question] HELP!! I’M BEING CHEATED

    As someone who draws with pencils/charcoal, I think this actually seems kinda legit (and I'm sure there are those who also draw with this medium who don't think it's legit). He places a book over the paper as to not smudge the art, and is erasing a part of the art with the proper tool. If he...
  5. Chihaya

    GOTM # 12 and a 1/2 ~ "Festival & Celebrations" ~

    I'll particpateee
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    I'm also a graphic designer and love creative writing! It's always fun to participate in this forums GFX contests. Back in the day, like 6 years ago, it use to be a lot more vigorous and populated in GFX. It's still great, though. Hope you stick around and enjoy the contests ^-^
  7. Chihaya

    ☆ Happy Holidays!! Holiday Contests & Lottery 2020

    My 2020 Message: Hard times don't last forever. They will not only pass, but they will also leave us with experience, growth and appreciation towards what good we already have. 2020 has been a difficult time for many, but as we all pull through it, we are entering 2021 as as stronger...
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    GFX Of The Month #9 ~ Winner ~

    So pretty!
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    Hey there! Let's be friends!

    Hello (:
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    [Discussion] Wtf has everyone been doing at home while in lockdown???

    I've been drawing a comic, sleeping way too much, watching Netflix (supernatural mostly, trying to catch up). Occasionally a PC game. :D
  11. Chihaya

    Graveyard of Sin (115)

    coming from here Rebekah takes a breath and relaxes before seeking out Sado's clone to turn in her mission.
  12. Chihaya

    Veskal's Exchange (237)

    When out of harms way, Rebekah eventually leaves the summon world and enters back. Her bird poof away, and she activates her two summons before leaving the landmark. (Kchuysei: Chōshō no kazoku) Summoning: Family of Mockery (Nineko Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Sharuru) Ninja Cat Summoning Jutsu...
  13. Chihaya

    Grenth VS Rebekah

    As Rebekah gets blasted back to mid ranged, her armor taking the hit, she simultaneously whistles and in a mere instant, a tiny mockingbird is summoned in the place of Rebekah at full flight and darts off, maneuvering around and away from the battlefield. Moving at top speeds, the bird...
  14. Chihaya

    Grenth VS Rebekah

    As Grenth sends out poison threads and they unexpectedly solidify, Rebekah reacts quick. They take out both her wind arms that cautioned her, and seconds before the threads reach her, she has already slapped together two hand seals and out of her mouth roared an enormous wave of seraphic water...
  15. Chihaya

    Grenth VS Rebekah

    As the gas hand locked into Rebekah's translucent hand, it passively split into two. The other hand immediately wrapped around her, acting as a defense. As the rain remained, Grenth moved in to strike Rebekah, but her retracted arm would effectively act as a ring around her, blocking him from...
  16. Chihaya

    Grenth VS Rebekah

    Rebekah takes the pain of the acid rain, realizing the only way to get out of this problem was to blow the clouds away. Out of her back, protrudes a large single hand of rapid winds. Out of the palm of it, it blows massively strong wind, waving around and expanding outward and blowing away all...
  17. Chihaya

    Do you think pineapple belong to Pizza?

    nononononnono ew ew ew
  18. Chihaya

    Grenth VS Rebekah

    Rebekah's heart aches at the sound of him saying no, not because it was unexpected, but because she didn't want to hear that response. She doesn't have time to process and come up with a reply because acid rain begins to fall. One of her birds disperse from the rain, causing the other two to...