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  1. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    Thanks for the sound advice, man. I've realized that sometimes, one of the benefits of thinking of others is that it stops us from thinking too much about ourselves.
  2. Morphorous

    BIGGEST Anime fanart EVER! 200+ Characters 60+ Anime Part 1; Haikyuu! Top Anime 2021 Action Rom-Com

    Is that photoshop? You're so good at it. I never had any talents in editing or drawing. :th-007:
  3. Morphorous

    Hi I'm new!

    Welcome @Annie_Law chan!
  4. Morphorous

    [NEWS] Life's value...

    That's why we have royal pardon for cases like this. The problem is if the man is really innocent. If very hard evidence was shown to the court, there's not much that we can't do, unless the sitting President or leader of your country gives the man the pardon by choice.
  5. Morphorous

    ☆ Happy Holidays!! Holiday Contests & Lottery 2020

    7 more hours before New Years'. Happy New Year everyone!
  6. Morphorous

    Among Us Kill Animation But With Anime Finishers

    Haha, my niece is playing this on switch. It's kinda hilarious when I see this one in-game lol.
  7. Morphorous

    Sun Worship

    It's nice to watch these documentaries sometimes. Glad you shared it here Yowyan! (y)
  8. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    Thanks for some great advice guys. Really appreciate it. :cry:(y)
  9. Morphorous

    [Suggestion] Whomever this may concern

    I love the snow effects though. I say good job for doing this one. I'm used to thinking that whenever I see snow it means Christmas is near! :)
  10. Morphorous

    I want money!

    If only bucks these days can be produced through your own azz it, we won't be any money problems at all, do we? :LOL:
  11. Morphorous

    [Theory] Reason why momoshiki was smart and stabbed sasuke's tomoed Rinnegan...

    I still wish that momokishi didn't do that, oh well.
  12. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    @YowYan I don't, I always do it whenever I'm starting to think of a problem that may kick anxiety in but it doesn't help much.
  13. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    My Mom asked me to do facetime with them this Christmas day, I hope my boss will let me take off early so I can catch up with them. I've stumbled upon looking for some ways to cope with this anxiety and I hope that anyone who reads this will find some good advice too as I have. Merry Christmas...
  14. Morphorous

    Why was Kaguya the original sin?

    I may have missed this, but was this told in manga? Can't remember it as a topic showned on anime series.
  15. Morphorous

    Post the first thing that comes into your mind V2.

    I'm missing my childhood days.
  16. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    Thank you YowYan.
  17. Morphorous

    Looking for friendly advice...

    I'm still not sure for long-lasting peace of mind, maybe if this Covid-19 will one day be gone (which is impossible), even the the vaccines available now is not a surefire way to counter this situation. But I find listening to delta waves music in youtube my friend has recommended to me very...
  18. Morphorous

    What anime series did you crazy for as a kid

    Code Geass and Death Note FTW! I also loved Naruto when it wasn't shipuuden.
  19. Morphorous

    your fav fone app????....

    The picture filter app. LMAO