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    Shukaku, the One-Tail vs. Madara Uchiha and Harley

    (Attōteki Sonzai) – Overwhelming Presence (Diffused)( Ichibi Chon Hengi no Jutsu ) - One Tailed Full Transformation Technique (Permanently Active, Reference)All of Shukaku's rage melted into primal fear; a fear so tangible that he was sure his opponents would feel it too. It was dread. Dread...
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    R O N I N // S A M U R A I Name: Oisha Nickname: N/A Gender: Male Age: Unknown Clan: Ronin Alignment: Neutral Evil Appearance Oisha is a man of average height and build, with long flowing black hair though he usually keeps it in a ponytail or bun atop his head. Standing at roughly 177 cm...
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    Arc 14 - Rise of the Ronin

    ARC 14 - Rise of the Ronin Year 813 Soon after all of the men who had been competing in the tournament left the Tower, the remaining swordsmen closed the building down to others, intent on investigating the wreckage and getting to the bottom of it. Ishijo, Kaida, and the other Ronin...