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  1. Hunty

    Remembering Old Times

    Post a screenshot or tell a story about your favorite times on NB/AB. Here's mine: I miss the times that Simmy and I would post on spam threads and try to complete to see who could spam the most.
  2. Hunty


    Let's start a new forum game celebrating the new year! So here's how it will go, say a phrase like "I went to the store today to pick up..." and someone else will respond with a follow up sentence finishing the thought! It can be anything! EXAMPLE: I went to the bank today... I found out I...
  3. Hunty


    So I come back to the site after a six month break and NB is dead (under renovations)?
  4. Hunty

    [Question] I'm confused...

    Back in 2013-2014 I had a very popular Forum Games thread and when I asked why I didn't receive an award for posting on the 100th page it was deleted shortly after... now I can not find a single trace of that thread anywhere. Explain?
  5. Hunty

    [Question] Hey.

    When will the site name be changed to "Borutobase?" I mean the site died after the total shutdown of registration. Maybe it would help a bit to bring back the sites trafficking?
  6. Hunty

    How's everyone doing?

    Gosh, it's been awhile since I've been on. How's the ghost town doing?
  7. Hunty

    Considering the new release?

    _________________________________________________________________________________ Considering the new Boruto series will be coming; are we expecting to see changes to the Narutobase? Will a new generation of Narutobase be born? Will the popularity of the site rise again? Tell me your thoughts.
  8. Hunty

    [Question] I've been gone a second.

    What are the new premium perks and those 26/5 icons? And why is everyone and their mother a premium member?
  9. Hunty

    [Photoshop] Premium Avatars

    . . . . .
  10. Hunty

    [Photoshop] Premium Avatar #1

    . . . .
  11. Hunty

    Sakura getting power up.

    This is the perfect time for Kishi to throw in some more Sage mode and give Sakura power! Kishi is like Oprah at this moment. You get sage mode and you get sage mode. It's annoying.
  12. Hunty

    RuPaul's Drag Race!

    Who watches RuPaul's Drag Race here? Discuss recent episodes and recent things going on within' the show.
  13. Hunty

    [Question] How do you?

    How do you see how many people have posted in a thread? Like the post count and stuff? Like a rundown page or something?
  14. Hunty

    Bianca Del Rio! The Queen of Shade!

    Name: Bianca Del Rio Nickname: Sassy Mouth Gender: Male/Female Age: 38 Clan: Uchiha Looks: Bianca is 6" and 130 pounds, she is very unique with her outfits and dressing styles. Dresses and heels only, she is very classy. She likes to put on fake eyelashes to distract opponents from...
  15. Hunty

    [Technical Issue] Contests.

    Are they just not happening anymore?
  16. Hunty

    Sakura is Sage of 12 Paths

    I just found this recently on Kishi's computer. It was a uncut version of the manga. ... Her in her final forum! ... All hail Sakura!
  17. Hunty

    Hunty's GFX Class and Training

    I haven't done this in a bit and I'm looking for new students who have Skype and are willing to learn to be GFXers. I will be taking 6 students (exception can be made if situation comes fourth). The only requirements are: Skype, time and the energy to do this! _______________________________...
  18. Hunty

    [Photoshop] *Premium Avatar*

    Welcome to another exciting avatar giveaway! This theme was "medieval warfare." Tell me what you think and take whatever you want.
  19. Hunty

    Femme Fatale Remix - NB EDITION Thanks to Chibiusa, Royal Illuminati, and Hunty.
  20. Hunty

    [Question] Can staff

    Can staff buy premium?