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  1. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Why did Itachi let Orochimaru live?

    Surely Itachi knew how dangerous to the world the guy was, yet he only took his hand. Also did Orochi not have his shed skin jutsi by then? That would have negated the lose of the hand... I guess it should be assumed that it would have been costly for Itachi to kill Orochi.
  2. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    [Spoilers] So is Bee dead?

    Or just his career?
  3. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Akatsuki vs Kara

    Who is more better??
  4. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    What happened to Narutobase?

    Hello all, I haven't logged in in years and now have a hankering for Naruto again especially since there's the new series Baruto. So, about this site. Is there a Dark Mode? I'm nearly blind by all this whiteness...
  5. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    So I just started reading the Borrito Manga... *spoilers*

    I like it so far, it is very detailed and well drawn. I'm up to ch5 of course, and lmao Naruto telling his bratty dumbass kid that he was relying on sources of power and talent that he didn't earn. Did Naruto forget that he has a huge tailed beast in him that gives him all his power as well...
  6. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Well after all, children of SO6P are always incredibly strong..

    It's cool to see Sarada rek :xD:
  7. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Salada to be best MS user ever?

    Using MS deteriorates your eye sight. However she already has glasses so she will just adjust her prescription. money
  8. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    I'm interested in The Last, but are the other movies worth watching?

    Are any other of the movies canon to the main story as well?
  9. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Sasuke lost despite having chakra steal...

    What a loser LOL Naruto is strongest. =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D
  10. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Sasuke still has the jutsu that the 1st gave him...

    Wonder what it is.
  11. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Anyone else think Sasuke was going to absorb Sakura for a minute there?

    Sasuke saw Madara become a women by absorption. Thought maybe he wanted to try the same thing. Then it was revealed to be a lame genjutsu, lol :erm:
  12. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    End the War arch, start of the Revolution arch...

    Ugh how much longer will this take? Sasuke still has his jutsu he got from the first, and the jar weapon is still available as well. :'(
  13. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    SO6P looking so sinister in this chapter...

    Calling it now, he will crap on everyone and the fight will continue.
  14. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    So being in a cave would prevent you from being trapped in infinite tsyukimuki?

    Seems that is the case that no one is realizing even though it shouldn't work like that.
  15. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Are the plain ring and comma ring rinnegan the same or different?

    ??? Also why is Kaguya using Byakugan? It's way obsolete.