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  1. Askeladd

    Big news coming in the next couple of months concerning the manga (Isayama's editor)

    Source : According to Isayama's editor, there will be 3 big news coming soon. I'm 99% sure one of them is to announce that SnK is entering it's final arc, what do you guys think?
  2. Askeladd

    Boruto can enter people's minds ?!

    Episode #77 Remind me of what Sasuke did when he entered Naruto's mind and talked to Kurama, in that water dropping dimension, Garaga and now this.. like master like student after all :hooray: Boruto greatness! So I'm guessing Boruto being able to see into Garaga's consciousness is a Jougan...
  3. Askeladd

    Garaga confirmed Boruto's summon!

    Episode #77 So Boruto gets Garaga as a summon (one of the strongest summons we have ever seen), a snake who outclasses even Aoda. Not only that BUT Boruto could summon a snake bigger than Aoda, without needing external chakra like his dad did. That's actually impressive :0 Boruto...
  4. Askeladd

    Sarada doesn't know Tsunade

    Again like Kakashi she only knows that she was a former Hokage which is hilarious knowing that Tsunade is practically Sarada's grandmother, we could say that this is Studio Pierrot typical bad writing but the same happened in Gaiden where Sarada acted like Naruto was a stranger which is really...
  5. Askeladd

    Happy birthday Sasuke! ( Sekibeing )

    Nice art by Chengxi Huang ( Sekibeing aka official SP animator ) with Sasuke and his s̶o̶n̶ student, Boruto for his birthday :) source :
  6. Askeladd

    Jougan has precog?

    Based on today episode? That would make sense knowing that the Byakugan has it plus we know the Jougan can see the chakra network too. [/IMG] It's safe to say that Boruto stomp any new gen in taijutsu with his Jougan. :) What do you guys think?
  7. Askeladd

    Karma Seal so OP!

    So now Boruto can absorb non-physical ninjutsu :0 Gg Genjutsu! Do you guys think each Karma Seals has different abilities? I wonder if Sarada/Mitsuki will get one in the future since they are probably gonna fight some Otsutsuki later on. What do you guys think of the Karma Seal so far? :wut:
  8. Askeladd

    [VS] Hanabi Hyuga vs Sakura Haruno

    Scenario 1 : with Katsuyu Scenario 2 : without Katsuyu Location :
  9. Askeladd

    Team 15? Not my Idea - Kodachi

    Source : NF / Twitter "There may be a misunderstanding, the screenplay of animation will be decided by director and series composition, consultation of writer of each story. So, although I may say opinions, I do not have decision makers (this group of 15 is not my idea)" Thoughts?
  10. Askeladd

    [Predictions] Boruto Manga Chapter 21 Discussion and 22 Predictions

    "How You Use It" Boruto Manga Chapter 21 Discussion and 22 Predictions Discuss Boruto Manga 21 here and predict the next chapter, Boruto Manga 22 BEGIN READING HERE @ *********** Please remember to rate this Month's chapter! 1 is worst, 5 is best.
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    Hyuga/Uzumaki : First daughter married to the most powerful being on the planet, their son possess a new dojutsu and is regarded as the future pinnacle of shinobi. Not to mention Himawari who awakened her Byakugan at 3yo and solo'd a demi god with one finger. Would you ever imagined that...
  12. Askeladd

    [VS] Boruto vs Sakura

    Scenario 1 : One-legged Boruto vs P1 Sakura Scenario 2 : One-handed Boruto vs P1 Sakura Scenario 3 : Manga Boruto vs P1 Sakura Scenario 4 : Manga Boruto vs Early P2 Sakura Scenario 5 : Manga Boruto with Jougan ( ability to perceive the chakra network + determine its most key point ) vs Early...
  13. Askeladd

    Boruto Uzumaki solo score

    I'm gonna dedicate a thread about the next gen prodigy and how much he solos Alright, let's do this: ( not in a special order ) Solo #1 - Mist ninjas Solo count: 4 Solo #2 - Kagura Solo count: 5 Solo #3 - Shizuma Solo count: 6 Solo #4 - Rogue Ninja Solo count: 7 Solo #5 -...
  14. Askeladd

    Boruto is the pinnacle Ninja, Only a fraction of the Jougan's power : Boruto Novel 3

    THE PINNACLE OF SHINOBI It was pretty much confirmed already in the anime but the novel make that even clearer, Boruto won't have any equal because Boruto would be the pinnacle/zenith of a shinobi potential. Toneri also explained that what showcased the Jougan in the Nue Arc is a little...
  15. Askeladd

    Boruto Uzumaki "One-Above-All"

    The Academy Arc is coming to an end soon, it's time to dedicate a thread about the next gen prodigy and how great he is. Boruto Uzumaki quickly got introduced as extremely talented even being on par with Iwabe who is consistently scoring top marks in all his various ninja classes. So...
  16. Askeladd

    Studio Pierrot Naruto-Boruto official badge A character is missing but I can't guess who :wut:
  17. Askeladd

    Boruto's Heritage ( best CQC/Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu Expert in Team Konohamaru)

    I'm gonna dedicate a thread about the character with the biggest potential of Team Konohamaru. Point #1 First Boruto was born as a half Hyuga. Himawari already has the byakugan and Boruto has the Jougan. His Jougan could potentially cover all the Byakugan feats ; - Either way 306...
  18. Askeladd

    EP31 - Boruto GREATNESS

    Not gonna lie it was the best episode by far of this disappointing arc, Mitsuki & Boruto literally carried the whole arc. The best animation for the best fight/episode :win: Damn Boruto almost slightly awaken his jougan for some reason :score: - Sequence I'm really liking Boruto's...
  19. Askeladd

    Sarada vs Boruto

    Zack believe Sarada beat Boruto #1 Anime timeline #2 Manga timeline Who would win?