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    How big is Madara's PS?

    My friend Sages456 seems to believe that PS is taller than the shinjuu's stump: I just don't see it. From what I know, this is PS compared to juubito's barrier: To me, it seems tiny, like a small bug or an ant in comparison. Next, here's the same barrier compared to the shinjuu's trunk and...
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    The speed in Naruto. Help Questions

    without the use of space/time techs? 8th gated gai with his space/bending speed. with space/time techs, Sasukeʻs the fastest within his rinneganʻs range. Minato and Tobirama are the fastest if they have the place marked. Kaguya or Obito or kakashi are the fastest otherwise. bending space...
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    Was Minato the Strongest...

    Kabuto w/ Edo tensei > Minato.
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    why Sasuke's way > Naruto's way

    Who are the ʻbad guysʻ? Sasuke labeled people like the kages bad guys. If thatʻs his standard of bad guys, then heʻs going to eliminate pretty much all the shinobi. Who will they hate? Obviously theyʻll hate each other. Without some delusional tool to focus all their hate on, theyʻll have...
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    why Sasuke's way > Naruto's way

    so basically, because peace hasnʻt been achieved in the extremely brief amount of time human civilizations have populated the earth, itʻs literally impossible no matter how long human civilization populates the earth. Seems legit. I guess in a basketball game, whoever scores the first basket...
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    EMS Sasuke vs KCM Naruto

    Location: Madara vs gokage Knowledge: full Mindset: going for the kill Distance: 100 meters Stipulations: - Sasuke can't use PS or legged susanoo - Naruto has had a full day of rest before this fight - sennin mode Scenario 2) - sennin mode unrestricted - legged susanoo unrestricted who wins?
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    Strongest attack Hiashi's Keiten can deflect

    Hiashi's huge kaiten: Hiashi sees the attack coming and starts his kaiten at any time he deems the most effective. Scenario 1) his kaiten has to completely protect him from any damage Scenario 2) his kaiten has to simply allow him to survive the attack
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    What if: edo Itachi + EMS Sasuke + Gokage vs edo Madara

    Scenario: After meeting up with Sasuke, edo itachi runs into one of Naruto's clones who tells him that Madara has been revived as an edo. Itachi deduces that Madara can break out of edo tensei, and convinces Sasuke to come with him and take down edo madara. The brothers arrive after oonoki...
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    Naruto vs Sasuke, who's powers would you rather have in real life?

    Base Naruto vs 3 tomoe Sasuke? War arc Naruto vs War arc Sasuke? Current Naruto vs Current Sasuke?
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    SM Naruto vs KCM Naruto

    Location: Madara vs gokage Knowledge: full Distance 200 meters Mindset: going for the kill Stipulations: - SM Naruto starts with ma and pa on his shoulders - SM Naruto gets equal chakra reserves as KCM Naruto - boss summons are restricted who wins?
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    Confused about this???

    The last time Sasuke used his EMS was when he broke the ice with kagutsuchi. Meanwhile Sasuke was constantly using his sharinnegan while in the desert place in an attempt to get out, and then he used it to switch with sakura's jacket. Not only that but earlier he implied that he needed to get...
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    EMS Sasuke+ vs EMS Madara

    Location: 5 kages vs madara knowledge: full Mindset: going for kill Distance: 200 meters Stipulations: - Madara can't summon Kurama - before the match, BSM Naruto gives sasuke this chakra cloak and it lasts for the duration of the match Scenario 2: Sasuke only gets this chakra cloak Scenario...
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    SM: Fuuton Rasenshuriken is a mountain buster

    Cuz i was bored. Sage Mode Fuuton rasenshuriken: First Case: Chibaku tensei crater and mountains: SM FRS's explosion in the chibaku tensei crater: So we can see from these two scans that FRS produces an explosion much larger than the individual mountains surrounding the Chibaku tensei...
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    [Establishing Why] Fuuton Rasenshuriken (SM, KCM, BM) > V2 Susanoo

    For this thread, this will be considered "V2" susanoo: The reasoning is pretty simple. Even when Naruto used a half-powered Fuuton rasenshuriken in base, the attack was hyped as being easily the most powerful fuuton in the manga. It's so powerful that it requires such extreme chakra to make...
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    question about this scan

    So me and my friend are debating about Ei an Sandaime raikage, and I came across the scan where Sandaime cuts the sealing robes: Now the question we are wondering about is whether he cut the robes with his bare hands or with a knife or some kind of pointed weapon. Because if you look at...
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    Can Kakashi put out Amaterasu with his MS?

    reading back on Sasuke and Itachi's fight, when Kakashi and co arrive on the scene, they find a sea of amaterasu in their way. Yamato opens up a path for them, and then kakashi tells everyone to follow him, and then activates his MS. Does that mean that Kakashi was putting out the flames with...
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    1 tailed Han vs V1 Ei

    Location: Forest of Death Knowledge: Full for both Mindset: going for the kill Distance: 50 meters Restrictions: Han (five-tails jinchuriki) can go up to his one tailed form, is not an edo and Has the sharingan and Rinnegan Ei can go up to V1, not V2 Who is the bigger powerhouse?
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    Compared to Sasuke and Itachi, Madara isn't that great

    Of course, I'm not saying that edo madara or prime madara is weaker than Sasuke or Itachi, but at the same age, both itachi and Sasuke were way stronger. Madara only just got his 1 tomoe sharingan when he was what 8 or 9 years old? Sasuke got that when he was 7, and Itachi had MASTERED the...
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    Top 5 most durable Ninjas

    Who are the top 5 most durable ninjas we've seen in the manga (feel free to go to 10 if you are that sure) For clarification, durability is the amount of damage on takes from a hit. Therefore people who can take huge amounts of damage like orochimaru or suigetsu are not necessarily very...
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    Who can survive Madara's Meteor technique?

    Backstory: So Madara just finishes reading Naruto chapter 623 and is so pissed at how slow the flashback is progressing that he decides to drop the twins. So who can actually survive the technique? Survive can be by any method like space time, running away, destroying the meteors etc. They...