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    [Raiton] Lightning with Xicer

    Waits patiently.
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    [Ken] Kenjutsu with Nakiri

    Zangetsu waits for his teacher.
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    [Approved] Ogichi Ikasoruk

    “Ichigo, what’s the difference between a king and his horse? I don’t mean kiddy shit like “One’s a person and one’s an animal” or “One has two legs and one has four.” If their form, ability and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle, while the...
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    Strange sounds

    It's just my dong expanding. :bdpf:
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    Happy Birthday, Kaito! Hope that you have a lovely time on this annual event. :bdpf:
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    David Bowie dies at 69

    Damn. RIP.
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    Archaeologists Uncovered A Tablet In Austria That Looks Like A Late 90-s Cellphone

    Nah, it's just one of the good 'ol solid Nokia phones survived a nuclear explosion. Whist it survived, it's deformed. :bdpf:
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    [Question] Is there a reason that the center BB code isn't allowed for VM?

    ^The title. Just seems asinine.
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 808 Discussion and 809 Predictions

    "Duke Inuarashi" One Piece Manga Chapter 808 Discussion and 809 Predictions Discuss One Piece Manga 808 here and predict the next chapter, One Piece Manga 809 BEGIN READING HERE @*********** Please remember to rate this week's chapter! 1 is worst, 5 is best.
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    Cops shoots a black teen 16 times

    >McDonald was killed in October 2014 >October 2014 >2014 It's a bit late... Albeit the officer is only just being charged now, I guess from the look.
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    The end of early manga... lol

    Not the first time it's happened. Won't be the last. It was 3 Chinese males arrested for uploading One Piece. Not "all teh raw providers". Kek
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    4 year old Mohamed raped and killed in Berlin.

    Murderer, pedo and a rapist. Worst kind of scum. This is disgusting. May the poor child rest in peace.
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    help me download magi manga

    Don't do it. It's lower quality. :bdpf:
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    help me download magi manga

    I'll PM.
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    [Photoshop] Spring Dream Tag + Avatars + Manga colourings.

    Render: CnC is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. :bdpf:
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    One page manga thread.

    So, in this thread you post one page from a manga to hopefully get your fellow NBers to try. You should post the page in spoiler tags, and of course include the source's name. Let's give it a shot! :) Template: Manga:[/PLAIN][/spoiler] Manhwa/Manhua, etc are also accepted. :bdpf: Manga...
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    Favourite Team 7 member?

    Note: This is between chapter 1-700 of the actual Naruto manga. :sdo: So, who is your favourite Team 7 member including all past teams? This will also be including Sai and Yamato. I couldn't remember if Hiruzen's team was a "Team 7" that was with Koharu and Homura? Or was it Danzo? Under...
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    Heartbreaking Moment A Dolphin Throws Itself Onto Rocks To Escape Hunters

    >Getting very rich So I should be moving to Japan and be hunting Dolphins? Really though, it's a bit sad.
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    Write a message for aliens and win 1mn

    Too easy: ayy lmao :bdpf:
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    [Photoshop] Fantasy Tag + Avatars.

    Render: Cnc is always appreciated! Thanks for stopping by. :)