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  1. ARGUS

    Strongest Knb character

    What are you talking about, they literally told us that bara is not above Silver, he could just unleash his max Silver has canonically had complete fades, but that doesnt mean the fact that...
  2. ARGUS

    Strongest Knb character

    Yeah and when kagami was directly focused to the zone, he was far above Akashi hence why he needed the zone himself Same thing happens against aomine or any other GOM. Akashi can't beat them Lol what, Akashis newer eye couldn't do shit to nash when he got serious especially when Nash was...
  3. ARGUS

    Edo Madara vs toneri

    Starting distance: 40m Intel: full Restrictions: none Who wins?
  4. ARGUS

    Strongest Knb character

    Can't believe the shit I'm seeing here No, Akashi with just EE is not beating any GoM with Zone When kagami entered zone, the second time, Akashi was completely shut down and all he could do was pass to his team mates outside his area As for PC zone kise, sure he's strong and was more...
  5. ARGUS

    RSM naruto vs vote madara and hashirmaa

    Location. Vote Intel: full Mindset: ic Restrictions: avatar clones and ashura avatar Starting distance; 100m Who wins? Scenario 2: avatar clones are unrestricted
  6. ARGUS

    Juubito vs Rinnegan Sasukes PS

    Who wins? Ps can only use its slashes No abilities of Saskes like PS-Chidori or ameno Juubito is unrestricted
  7. ARGUS

    Weakest who can solo VOTE Madara and Hashirama together

    What the title says
  8. ARGUS

    Last BSM Naruto vs Juubito

    Restrictions: RSM, Shinju release Who wins?
  9. ARGUS

    DMS Kakashi matchups

    Intel: Full Starting Distance: 30m Kakashi gets healed and restored after every match. Matches are not in order. 1. BSM Naruto 2. Edo Madara 3. BM Minato 4. Juubito 5. DRSM madara. 6. Ashura/Indra (seperate individual matches) 7. Toneri 8. Shinju Madara w/one rinnegan 9. DR JJ madara...
  10. ARGUS

    VOTE Madara vs Juubito

    Starting distance: 300m Location: VOTE Intel: Full Restrictions; Obito cannot use onmyoudon to negate Susanoo, Shinju release is restricted Conditions: kurama is Madaras and Madaras only Who wins? Scenario 2: Edo Madara vs Juubito
  11. ARGUS

    EMS Madara vs BM naruto & EMS Sasuke

    EMS Madara vs BM naruto and EMS Sasuke Startiing Distance: 40m Location: VOTE Intel: Full Intent: To Kill Restrictions: Kyuubi for Madara, BSM Conditions: Madara starts in PS, naruto starts in BM avatar, sasuke starts in PS Scenario 2: Naruto gets BSM Who wins? i think madara still...
  12. ARGUS

    Ay vs MS Obito

    Ay vs Tobi Location: Kage Summit Starting Distance: 25m Intel: Full Intent: To Kill Restrictions: Izanagi Who wins?
  13. ARGUS

    Fused Momoshiki vs VOTE2 Naruto and Sasuke

    Starting distance: 40m Intel: full Mindset: IC Restrictions: none Sasuke already has the bijuus trapped in CT, and can form BPS if need be Momoshiki has pills and has chakra absorbed till the time he fought PS-Kyuubi from his lava golem Who wins?
  14. ARGUS

    KCM naruto matchups

    The more I look into him, the more contradictory his performance gets. so here are some matchups against opponents in his respective tier, (not in order btw) Starting distance: 50m Location: 4th ninja war Intel: Full Mindset: IC Intent: to Kill Restrictions: ET, any form above KCM, 8th...
  15. ARGUS

    Edo Tobirama vs KCM minato

    Starting Distance: 30m Intel: Full Mindset: IC Restrictions: BM Who wins? Minato is granted sealing tags, and is alive
  16. ARGUS

    DSM Kabuto match ups

    Lately I've had mixed feelings on how strong he really is so I'm putting him against people where I'm unsure of the outcome Starting distance: 35m Location: Destroyed konoha Intel: manga Intent: to kill Restrictions: ET Matchups (not placed in any order) ~MS Obito ~Rinnegan Obito (w/o...
  17. ARGUS

    Hashirama vs EMS Sasuke and Nagato

    Base Hashirama vs EMS Sasuke and Nagato Starting Distance: 45m Location: VOTE Intel: Full Intent: To Kill Mindset: IC Restrictions: SM for Hashirama Scenario 2: Hashirama can use SM, but no SS Who wins?
  18. ARGUS

    9 Bijuus vs Iso susanoo

    9 Bijuus which includes only Half Kyuubi vs EMS Sasukes and BM narutos PS-Kyuubi fusion who wins? Scenario 2: Madaras Ps kyuubi
  19. ARGUS

    Gaara matchups

    since there are all the gaara matchups i thought why not, just state what matches he wins and what he loses, Starting Distance: 40m Location: Desert Intel: Full Intent: To Kill Mindset: IC Restrictions: ET Opponents, (NOT in order) 1. Orochimaru 2. MS Sasuke 3. Killer Bee (base-V2...
  20. ARGUS

    READ: KCM Naruto vs Edo Itachi

    KCM Naruto vs Edo Itachi Starting Distance: 30m Location: Naruto vs Itachi Intel: Manga Intent: To Kill Mindset: IC Restrictions: more than 3 Shadow Clones for Naruto, KA and edo regeneration for itachi Stipulations: Naruto only has to take down itachi. Assume that he gets sealed right after...