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    New things!

    Anything new?
  2. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Why did Itachi let Orochimaru live?

    Surely Itachi knew how dangerous to the world the guy was, yet he only took his hand. Also did Orochi not have his shed skin jutsi by then? That would have negated the lose of the hand... I guess it should be assumed that it would have been costly for Itachi to kill Orochi.
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    Boruto chapter 45 review : NOTHING NEW GOTAMMIT!!!!...

    I'd say he is Jariya reborn, Amado finding his body before Kabuto.
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    Adult Naruto has weakened he can no longer use full strength of rsm (Proved)

    I think the more appropriate term would be to sat he is past his prime.
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    Would Madara be proud of sarada???

    Are female uchiha even allowed to leave the kitchen? Madara seems very traditional...
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    How strong is Naruto?

    Still stronger than Sasuke, but weaker than Radditz...
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    [Theory] boroto chaptar 43 ..

    Who was Boro talking about when he said 'tsu'? Tsu who?
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    Madara Uchiha the Savior

    Kawaki is hidden uchiha...
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    Should Sarada take Madara's warrior fan???

    Who has it now? Tenten?
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    I Pink Sakura's natural hair color?

    I'm sure the carpet matches the drapes...
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    The biggest problem of the boruto manga is

    The pacing issue is resolved when you view Boruto as just another Naruto arc and not a new story.
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    [Spoilers] So is Bee dead?

    Or just his career?
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    Why did Sasuke want Madara dead?

    Because there could be only one...
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    Why I think sasukes sword is called kusanagi

    He broke it attacking the Raikage during that summit and it was fine when he pursued Danzo, right?
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    Why hasn't naruto upgraded his clone jutsu?

    He doesn't have fire or electric nature so he can't make his clones explode or electrocute.
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    Part 1 Kakashi: how strong he is

    Strongest Jonin
  17. NinjaP00PandPEEJutsu

    Akatsuki vs Kara

    Who is more better??