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  1. gabe07j

    [VS] Dragon Sage Mode Kabuto VS Madara, Kaguya, Urashiki, Momoshiki, Sage of The Six Paths, Naruto, Sasuke, Juubito

    round 1: who wins in a fight. sasuke as an adult vs dragon sage mode kabuto with edo. round 2: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his edos vs rikudo madara with the ten tails at full power round 3: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his edos vs kaguya round 4: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his...
  2. gabe07j

    [VS] Halthy nagato vs sasuke

    Location: valley of the end where sasuke fought naruto Intel: none for sasuke Mindset: bloodlusted In this fight nagato is healthy and can walk and has the six paths of pain to help him
  3. gabe07j

    [VS] Itachi VS Madara at genjutsu

    who is a greater god of genjutsu from what you have seen? and who do you love the most?
  4. gabe07j

    [VS] Hashirama Vs edo Madara

    who wins if the go all out? Location: Valley of the end Distance: 100 meters Intel: what they new of each other when they were alive intent: To kill Mindset: In character I Personally like hashirama since he won the first time.
  5. gabe07j

    [VS] Healthy hashiraama vs healthy nagato

    In an all out brawl. who wins? the rinnegan user or the god of all shinobi? i think Hashirama wins. hes just to powerful with hax jutsu like wood god statue and sage mode and wood clone jutsu and all the jutsu he carts around in that giant scroll of his. Location: forest where hidan fought...
  6. gabe07j

    [VS] Edo Hashirama VS Rikudo Madara

    I say Hashirama win because of edo regeneration and because he beat Madara the the first time and can control the tentailsand has a giant scroll filled with jutsu and multi wood clone jutsu to create an army of edo wood sage mode clones in the hundreds or thousands 😀
  7. gabe07j

    [VS] Itachi vs Madara vs Shisui

    Round 1 Itachi vs Madara who fought Hashirama at the valley of the end. Round two: Shinsui fights madara who fought Hashirama at the valley of the end Round 3: Itachi vs Shinsui at the valley of the end Who wins in each round. Shinsui and Itachi have full Intel. Madara doesn't.
  8. gabe07j

    [Theory] Stampede theories about power houses

    After watching stampede Douglas bullet seemed unkillable almost with an amazing devil fruit. Can he kill Rayleigh? Also is sabo admiral level. In my opinion after seeing fire lane at the end I think he can equal kizaru in power. Also if luffy Is a Yonko then the likes of kid, law, Zoro...
  9. gabe07j

    [VS] Itachis Tsukuyomi VS Nagato

    Scenario 1:Does nagato get cought in tsukuyomi? Scenario 2: Do the paths get caught in tsukuyomi and Itachi finds the real nagato and then puts him in tsukuyomi. Intel: Itachi has full Intel Can nagato look Itachi in the eye and survive his genjutsu onslaught. I think he cant
  10. gabe07j

    [VS] Sharingan and Rinnegan (no teleportation in this situation) vs all teleportation jutsu

    which is more powerful in combat we know all of the rinnegan and sharingans powers from all the users ( no teleportation in this situation) vs teleportation jutsu like sumoning, ftg, reverse summoning and kamui and Sasukes rinnegan teleportation. Which side wins in combat. I think teleportation...
  11. gabe07j

    [VS] Itachi vs Nagato

    Location: Destroyed konoha Intel: Itachi knows the real pain isn't there amount got the paths and full akatsuki Intel that you would expect Itachi to have. Nagato knows nothing because Itachi is secretive. Mindset: Blood lusted Itachi is supposed to replace Naruto in the battle against pain...
  12. gabe07j

    [VS] Tobirama VS minato

    Both are teleporters and users of the flying thunder God technique. Who wins? Plus where can I battlefield bleach characters on animebase? Send me a link. Location: where Sasuke and Naruto fought madara Mindset: Bloodlusted Intel: none. No one knows the others jutsu
  13. gabe07j

    [VS] sasuke in boruto vs naruto

    sasuke fights all out with all the jutsu he should have acumulated over the years. naruto also.
  14. gabe07j

    [VS] Minato Vs sasuke.

    Minato with Edo turned off with nine tails bijuu. Hype included. As sage and God of shinobi. All sage toad summoning arsenal included. And clone jutsu. Vs sasuke currently. All out. I say minato. What about you?
  15. gabe07j

    [VS] Darui vs Hashirama

    Argument is that Daruis black lightning paralyses hashirama, his laser circus is super fast and cannot be dodged. And by know he's probably mastered how to execute these in an instant making him super fast like the raikage or minato. An instant killer. Of course if he was sloppy. Hashiramas...
  16. gabe07j

    [Question] What anime is like the the kings of anime that I should watch.

    The kings being. Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, fairy tail, toriko, Boku no hero Academia, One piece. List animes like these I should watch
  17. gabe07j

    [VS] Kamui kakashi VS kamui obito

    Obito that fought konan. Vs healthy kakashi with two sharingan Restrictions: Both have same amount of chakra. location: obito Vs minato
  18. gabe07j

    Tsukuyomi Vs Kotoamatsukami

    Which is superior Itachi's tsukuyomi or shisuis tsukuyomi. Both are killer. Fight?