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  1. Chakra Wizard

    Oscars Nominations Petition - Sign Please!!

    For anyone whose interested. Apologies if this is some sort of rule breach.
  2. Chakra Wizard

    Creative Writing Competition #3 - Voting

    Don't be jealous, Mike. :zise: Thank you, Gutsy! :overjoy: I voted for #4. Honestly, the way it was formatted, I thought it was yours, Mike. You had a similar style back when. I do feel like the formatting should be removed if this contest is gonna be truly anonymous, though. Like now I...
  3. Chakra Wizard

    Creative Writing Competition #3 - Voting

    We don't get to find out who our fan(s) is? 😟
  4. Chakra Wizard

    Creative Writing Contest: Discussion/Themes Thread

    Well that's not fair. That's means any one of us with a suggestion could be leading the competition in our favor... 1563500688 I will say that so far you've had assassination, a dire situation, and the end of the world. How about something a little bit more cheery this time around, bucko? 😋
  5. Chakra Wizard

    [SciFi] ????????? [July Contest Entry]

    I didn't realize that the contest was anonymous. Sorry. :sweat:
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    [Question] Where is Platinum End?

    I don't know if anyone else here is reading this monthly manga right now, but it's been missing from all my go-to sites since September. All the places I can actually find the latest chapters look to require you pay for it to get it. Did the mangaka crack down on all the streaming sites and...
  7. Chakra Wizard

    Next TV Binge?

    I just finished Season 5 of Dexter. Now I'm contemplating whether or not to watch Season 6 or skip it entirely (I've already spoiled the show for myself pretty much), but while I'm making that choice, I'd like to start binge watching another show that's on my PTW list (I'm not sure I wanna...
  8. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 108

    Sorry about the long wait. Been pretty active in the job hunt as of late. Now that I’m back, though, let's take a quick look at the other side of the battlefield and then jump back into the fighting;) lol As always, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter...
  9. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 107

    I just got done skimming a lot of excess fat off this storyline, so now I’m over halfway done in the chapter count! :yay: That gives me some hope that I’ll actually finish it nowxd Anyways, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter 107: A Hell of a Day As...
  10. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 106

    Round Two! This is a pretty important chapter, so hopefully it turned out as great as I hoped it would. As always, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter 106: Defeat Niyo and his squad heaved a sigh of relief at their captain’s sudden arrival, as did...
  11. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 105

    Well, Masurao squared off against Airon and Manako last time, so I guess it’s on me to show how dominating he is against lesser swordsmen. Hopefully, I pulled it offxd As always, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter 105: Masurao the Swordmaster –...
  12. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 104

    Ah, a long awaited reappearance (for a few seconds, but it happens nonetheless xd). Hopefully, that aside, this proves to be a good chapter in it of itself, as short as it turned out. As always, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter 104: Divided Ichigo...
  13. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 103

    Some exchanging of ideas and coming to grips in this chapter (hence the titlexd). Hopefully, I made both situations realistic and engaging at the same time. As always, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for those who missed any: Chapter 103: The Fog Clears By this time, nearly all...
  14. Chakra Wizard

    Story Troubles

    I've fiddled with this storyline a bit too much, I think. Now I've got no clue how to end it. U_U The basic gist is prey and predators, anthropomorphized but with the same food chain relationships (think pre-Zootopia). lol War is imminent and the MC runs off. He meets other animals who have...
  15. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 102

    Alright, time to see one of the three villainous Kage in action. I tried to make him as menacing as possible without screwing with some of these preexisting power levels, so hopefully these first couple match-ups play out in a believable wayxd Anyways, enjoy:) Here’s my previous chapters, for...
  16. Chakra Wizard

    MCU Dead Pool

    The idea's going around already and I wanna know your opinions - which characters we've seen so far are in danger of dying when the Infinity War finally kicks off (of those most likely to participate in the fighting, obviously)? My personal opinion, the ones with the most potential to die are...
  17. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 101

    Pretty emotional chapter last time, so for better or worse (depending on who you are), this one shouldn’t draw nearly as much sympathy;) It’s also a lot shorter than usual, but it’s just the one fight this time with no cutaways, which is a bit unusual for me, I guess. lol Anyways, enjoy:)...
  18. Chakra Wizard

    Naruto: Tetsuden - 100

    Two months have passed since the last chapter, so I’ll be upfront and apologize for that (I know I’ve got a couple loyal readers by this point). Fortunately, that was all spent finishing up my senior year, so now I’ve got more free time to write this story than ever=D Alright, onto the first...
  19. Chakra Wizard

    Warcraft or Assassin's Creed?

    It's pretty subjective, but the vast opinion (and mine) is there has yet to be a truly good film adaptation of a video game (Angry Birds looks better than most, but I'm not buying it). But after seeing these two trailers, I can't help but think that streak's about to end. So which one do you...