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  1. rockleeuchiha

    is the anime on the chunin exam arc yet?

    dropped the anime untill it starts
  2. rockleeuchiha

    my hero academia needs a prison break arc....

    dont get me wrong, i love mha one of my faviroe series ever, but is it falling off and fast. Ive been saying its needed a prison break arc since we saw stain right after the ll might vs afo fight. The chisaki arc wasnt good to me due to all the asspulls deku got and how hard chisaki got nerfed...
  3. rockleeuchiha

    so did overhaul die?

    160 ended with them walking off from a explosion but ive read wikia and it still says hes alive just quirkless. Hes still the best villain imo. I think it was lame of the league of villains to do that to a guy who cant move but whatever smh. Also i think next arc will be a prison break arc we...
  4. rockleeuchiha

    aot season 3 update

    season 3 has been confirmed for july 2018 , big hype political arc and return to shinganshima (;
  5. rockleeuchiha

    all out war for best anime of 2018???

    we got nanatsu no taizai, tokyo ghoul,my hero academia, attack on titans and some others. Who yall got for best anime of 2018? im really stuck between seven deadly sins, my hero, and attack on titan
  6. rockleeuchiha

    the aot thread sure has died down lmaoo

    im guessing we're all waiting to see if the anime actually comes out 2018? the arc we are in rn in the manga is pretty wild though, im digging it. Just need to see return to shinganshima goat action animated and ill be set
  7. rockleeuchiha

    when will the field trip end

    this shit is becoming a drag, i just want to get to the chunin exams then into the arc we're in rn
  8. rockleeuchiha

    My hero dub or sub

  9. rockleeuchiha

    If chisaki loses,mirio gets his quirk back and sir does kohei has 0 balls

    I don't want this to turn into another fairy tail. Like I'm legit rooting for chisaki and he can't seem to catch a break with all these asspulls he's being given . But TBH I think the league of villains will grab eri right before deku and chisaki can grab her lmao that would be a huge smack in...
  10. rockleeuchiha

    [Spoilers] The tournament of power will get interrupted There's a mystery fighter waiting for either people to get tired or the strong fighters to get knocked off and then this mystery person will come. My thoughts are he will interrupt the tournament completely or it's someone from universe 4 because quitela has been...
  11. rockleeuchiha

    best villain???

  12. rockleeuchiha

    Best characters of my hero are inasa,tokoyami,and overhaul

    yep,screw bakugo,deku,and todorki and in season3 if theres 25 eps you guys will see THE GOAT INASA YOARASHI REMEMBE THE NAME SHIKETSU HIGH BABY
  13. rockleeuchiha

    dabi is todorokis brother

    bro i havnt been on the base in forever but it finally has a mha forum hypee but yea dabi is todorokis brother have you guys seen or heard of the theory?
  14. rockleeuchiha

    Borutos first taste

    No more bullshit hamburgers ramen take over 2017
  15. rockleeuchiha

    Bad news for us my hero academia dub fans ): The dub is now airing 2 weeks later than the original EP so we won't get EP 15 dubbed until July 29th and then it'll keep going by every 2 weeks. It really sucks they couldn't keep...
  16. rockleeuchiha

    Who will be the last person standing.

    Honestly I really hope Vegeta doesn't get shitted one once again,it's happened too many times.Id love for an underdog like someone like my man cabba to find a a way to win. Hell I'd love to see hit win it all lmao. But in the end I think the final 7 will be...
  17. rockleeuchiha

    Now that the ghost arc is over

    Now that the ghost arc is finished I expect Naruto gaiden arc to start in the next 5 episodes if not I'm dropping it until gaiden starts. Sarada needs the spotlight and I'm dying to see Sasuke even tho Naruto gaiden is pretty short. By the way did u guys hear that new boruto ending? Way better...
  18. rockleeuchiha

    Favorite yuyu and hxh arcs?

    For me it's gotta be the sensui arc and the phantom troupe arc. Chimera arc was great but 60 episodes and about 30 of them were dragged out for no reason it made no sense. How about you guys
  19. rockleeuchiha

    Killer bee or zoro

    In terms of personality, potential etc And in a 1v1 who would win