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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Where do I start?
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    Jiren vs Broly

    Applying any type of “because the fans” makes your argument excessively dull... If SSB wasn’t needed it wouldn’t have happened whether the fans wanted it or not they soundly implied it for a reason beyond the fans no matter the why behind it.
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    Jiren vs Broly

    This is acceptable. I don’t want to downplay Jiren by any means but Broly is solely meant to be ridiculous.
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    Jiren vs Broly

    Broly, easy lol. He had no real combat experience against SSB Gogeta and still managed. Jiren had his entire life filled with experience. A fully formed DBS Broly with mastery over LSSJ? Lol Please. Broly would stomp Jiren. Even writers said it. Broly is SUPPOSED to be this way. This is WHY he...
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    Yoyoyo :)
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    Introduction UwU

    Bonjour ami :)
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    Hola compadre. :)
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Thank you.
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    [Closed] You finna duck this one too?

    Can I fight you?
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Who are the top 5 in your opinion? I want to seek them out for advice.
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    Konoha Tavern - RP General Chat Discussion

    Who’s the best female RPer here? Or strongest?
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    As an accomplished anime fan, I say hello.

    Only read bits and pieces but beautiful nonetheless lol. Welcome :)
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    hi im new here

    Hello there. Welcome :) 1570856765
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome aboard :)
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    Agreed entirely.
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    KCM Naruto vs 6 Paths Pein

    Pain med diff imo. Especially with no knowledge Naruto, he pretty much already got solo’d low diff lol.
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    My eyes are bleeding. Say that again, but type in English.
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    Why Yall Sleep On Kaguya?

    Well said.
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    In Between Realities (OOC/Sign Ups)

    Is this still active?
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    Hello from a faraway land!

    Hello there :)