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  1. Sage of Doujutsu

    [Question] Why does Whis not have an interest in training Gohan?

    I just reread the top arc of the manga and some of the more recent chapters and this has been bugging me. Why isn't Whis interested in training Gohan? He's done away with relying on transformations(something emphasized in Goku and Vegeta's training under Whis) and has already shown to be on par...
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    [Discussion] Do you think the Kengan series have enough of a following/fanbase for a mobile game?

    I'll preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of both Kengan Asura and Kengan Omega. I was thinking about it a lot earlier today and believe that through multiple aspects of the Kengan world they could put together a decent mobile game app. what do you think?
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    [Discussion] Isshin's Bankai Speculation

    Given what we know about Isshin and his zanpaktou(forgive me if that's spelled wrong) we can assume two things about his bankai. First his bankai is incredibly strong, being that Isshin was strong enough to pressure Aizen(without even using shikai) and the revelation that he was a gotei 13...
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    [Discussion] Kengan Asura worth checking out

    Despite being done in the weird 3D style it doesn't really lose any of the intensity. Also the techniques like removal/release and the advance/loan were extremely well done in my opinion. Can't wait for the fights later in the tournament. What do you guys think?
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    [Discussion] Do you think that arthur will be addressed before the end of the series?

    Am I missing something because I don't remember there being conformation that he is actually dead, also if you ask me everyone is alittle happy go lucky considering all of the loses throughout the war arc. I'm really hoping he makes a comeback.
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    [Discussion] Have you heard of the Raging Blast 3 Project?

    I for one was a die hard fan for Tenkaichi 3 and Raging Blast 2 I always felt the dbz games that came out after these series fell short in terms of graphics and the combat systems. Ideally I would want a remastered Tenkaichi 3 with content up to date with the most recent dbs content. What about...
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    [Discussion] Kengan omega sequel to kengan Ashura!!!!!

    I’m hype as hell anyone who is a fan of Baki or any other type of martial art manga/anime I strongly suggest you give these a read!!!! They both get 5 stars from me as of today. I’m really hoping that kengan omega will give us answer to some of the questions at the end of kengan Ashura. Let me...
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    [Discussion] What new things might you wanna see in the up and coming DBS anime or manga chapters?

    As stated above. For me personally there are many things i'd like to see and i'd be satified with any of them: 1) Goten and Trunk aging and getting stronger or even just getting some spotlight 2) Some Spotlight and redemption for the GOAT Gohan 3) Picolo getting stronger 4) Broly training arc...
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    [Discussion] Do you think there will be a tie in for Broly or other Z fighters in DBS ch 43?

    I'm hoping we see Broly in some capacity considering everyone from universe 7 aside from Goku and Vegeta(including the GOAT Gohan) has been dubbed irrelavent. I have thought since the Cell saga that there should have been a change in protagonist and since that will never happen it seems, maybe...
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    [Discussion] Was Gohan Robbed of New or Upgraded Transformations in Battle of Gods?

    I know i do alot of Gohan threads but it's only because he got the short end of the stick in terms of development post DBZ in my opinion. Personally i think Gohan should have been the one to gain SSG for the simple reason that he was still technically the strongest character at that point, so...
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    [Discussion] Should Gohan Play A Part In The Broly Movie??? No Spoilers Please

    Personally I think he was hyped up way too much to not have any super huge feats or lasting longer in the TOP at the very least. Not saying he should solo broly or anything like that but give my man some screen time or maybe even a cameo at the end. what do you think?
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    [Discussion] Kengan Asura

    Any kengan asura readers out there? If so how do you like it so far? I’m currently all caught up and looking for people to talk about it.
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    [Question] How Can Goku Tell how Strong 17 Is?

    If androids don't have ki and sensing ki is how the z fighters can assess power then how does Goku know that 17 is as strong as him and Vageta?
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    [Question] What is the meaning behind the orange rasengan?

    I don't get it... At first I thought it was just kyuubi chakra but it seems to happen too randomly and outside of KCM, also we've seen him use the blue rasengan while in KCM... Can anyone help explain this?
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    [Discussion] Gohan in TOP in the Manga is back to OP

    If you don't read the manga then read at your own risk, you have been warned.... For those who do sorry if i'm late to the party Gohan in the manga was was shown for the most part to be voluntarily reserved as a fighter much like in the anime. There is one difference however that firmly...
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    [Discussion] Top 5 Fighters from Kengan Asura

    For me in order it's gotta be... 5) Rei Mikazuchi - Sasuke vibes and an insane fighting style 4) Cosmo Imai - Say what you will the little guy has game 3) Saw Paing Yoroizuka - Damn near indestructable and that Big Dick Energy speak for itself 2) Raian Kure - 100% Removal enough said 1) Ohma...
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    [Discussion] Pairings that we would have liked to see...

    Well lets hear it! I wanted to see Kakashi with someone, he's likable enough and in terms of a rough life he's been through the wringer. Whether its Mei, Anko or even Iruka(let's face it they could have some decent chemistry) I think he should have a significant other to help brighten up his...
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    [Discussion] Better Looks for Adult Naruto

    I know this topic has undoubtedly been addressed excessively but, was anyone else disappointed when Naruto came back with his short hair? I was really hoping more for something along these lines... Honestly I think he rocks the Jiraya look here... What do you think?
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    [Theory] Would the Byakugan work as well as the Sharingan with Chidori?

    If you think about the almost perfect 360 field of vision, with the ability to see high speed movements and telescopic vision would perfectly counter the drawbacks of the Chidori. So in theory any Hyuga with a Lightning chakra affinity and an awakened Byakugan could wield the Chidori just as...
  20. Sage of Doujutsu

    [Theory] Violet Bolt>Chidori/Lightning Blade Theory

    Hey guys and gals, recently i've had an idea about possible reasons that Kakashi's purple lighting can be about as strong as the chidori or lightning blade without the drawbacks. What if it has to do with the color itself? Hear me out human beings can't see light in the ultraviolet range of the...